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Fishing eddies for chub

Terry Simner

Senior Member
"Powerful eddies", i.e, those with turbulence, are not good places to fish IMO. And eddies are often dumping grounds for the river's detritus ... so a moving bait is asking to get snagged. Again, IMO.

Edward Adcock

Senior Member
That makes sense Terry and I am not prepared to step up to 3oz to hold bottom in one of the few places currently left for me to fish. 2oz ends up under my rod tip if I don't hook a snag.

Mike Hodgkiss

Senior Member
Check out Mr Crabtree , he loved an eddy , go for it . Eddys may well be full of detritus in a flood but amongst that will be all the worms and other goodies washed in by the flood all swirling around temptingly, attracting fish sheltering out of the main flow.

Dean Aston

Senior Member
When I'm chub fishing I like my bait to have a bit of movement as it's working the swim for me. I also find if chub are there it's nearly always a instant bite