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Enterprise Tackle Boilie Spike by Bob Gill

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Steve Williams

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Enterprise Tackle Boilie Spike by Bob Gill


Fourteen white plastic spikes (7 long, 7 short) which can be trimmed to length if required. Claimed to be suitable for use with all types of boilie, including popups, as well as tiger nuts, maize etc.

Designed to be pushed into the bait after tying to a hair thus eliminating the need for hair stops.


The Boilie Spikes

In Use

Having used many methods to avoid the fiddly process of passing hair stops through hair loops - these have ranged from cocktail sticks, long loops, brush bristle, bullet stops, fuse wire, another spear type device (a future review), various other bits of plastic, bands and other devices - I thought these were the answer. I'm always a bit cautious about adding extra 'plasticmongery' to end tackle, but on appearance these spikes looked good.

I first tried these spikes on a couple of types of boilie at my disposal - one lightly skinned and the other a harder predominately fishmeal type.

As the insertion of the spike caused both types to split, I searched out a few more types of boilie and had similar results. Pretreatment with a nut drill or baiting needle allieviated the splitting to some extent, but this rather defeated the simplicity angle.


Disappointed with the performance on the boilies I tried, but may work for some boilies of different base mixes and hardness. Will be sticking to hair stops for the time being.


Available from the BFW Shop at £1.60.

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Bob Gill

29th January 2004
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