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Enterprise Pic Stick by Bob Gill

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Steve Williams

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Enterprise Pic Stick by Bob Gill


Need something that enables you to set up your camera for self portrait pictures of you and your specimen? - look no further the Enterprise Tackle Pic Stick is here. This is probably best decribed as a set up target which replaces earthly objects like twigs, branches and other bits of mostly cellulosic material with rather more high tec pieces of plastic and metal.


Components of the Enterprise Pic Stick

The package consists of a number of pieces that are shown in the picture above and are best described as:

1 x stainless steel assembly with a knurled tension nut.

1 x 190mm base section.

1 x 190mm weighted top section.

1 x 190mm spigoted middle section.

1 x 100mm spigoted middle section.

1 x white target board.

1 x green carrying pouch.

Maybe a statement of the obvious but you will also need a suitable bankstick, camera and camera bankstick adaptor as these are not supplied - the Enterprise Tackle Pic Stick reviewed here is a target system.

In Use

When I first looked at the comprehensive instructions I thought 'Oh Hell' but after a reread and fiddle with the bits things became clear. A quick set up in the garden and I was away - snapping away to my hearts content - self portraits a plenty. I liked the way that the stick folded away with a quick tap or foot nudge out of camera view - don't want that white target thingy in front of that huge specimen do we? - no comments please - I had enough of those from a giggling missus! The set up was easy after familarising myself with the bits. I've even taken the trouble to weigh the entire kit - around 260g - to us fisher folk seemingly preoccupied with pounds and ounces that would be a tad over 9 ounces. The carrying pouch measures approximately 120 x 260 x 15mm.


If you want an easily set up target system for self portrait fishing pictures then this is a good bit of kit. My only thought is that for hard ground (and this would equally apply for the camera carrying bankstick) then things could be a bit more difficult setting up.



Bob Gill

February 2004
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