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Enterprise Hook Skins by Bob Gill

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Steve Williams

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Enterprise Hook Skins by Bob Gill


Twenty four, soft imitation pupa/larvae, for use with hair rigged baits in clear water conditions. They are designed to camouflage the hook and eliminate any glint from the hook that might spook wary fish. They are supplied in two colours which are buoyant and can help counterbalance some hookweight although this will depend on the size of hook. I tested the light brown type.


The Enterprise Hook Skins
and Nash Fang Size 8's

In Use

The hook skin is threaded onto the hook by inserting the hook point into the hook skin. Some care is required as the hook point can break through during this operation and it's a bit fiddly. Push the Hook Skin around the bend and up the shank of the hook - leaving the hook point and barb (if you are using barbed hooks) exposed. Once the skin is in position they are claimed not to slip down the hook and correctly fitted will not impede hook penetration. Using a size 8 Nash Fang hook (shown in the picture above), things went OK providing I was careful. The makers state that with larger hooks two skins may be required.

The makers claim that as a bonus, the Hook Skins can be used as a hookbait - either single or in multiples.


Probably a good addition to your clear water fishing armoury, although at the time of review the rivers are up and coloured which makes any attempts of testing in a real fishing situation difficult.


Recommended retail price of £1.95.

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Bob Gill

February 2004
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