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End of an era, for me

Paul Whiteing

Staff member
End of an era :

With some sadness I have decided to give up fishing for barbel, not a decision made on the spur of the moment, it's been coming for a while.

Several factors influenced my decision : age and safety, that I liked fishing alone and in darkness it just doesn't seem sensible any more, even though my health is (lucky me) pretty good and my knee replacement I had last year went well but am a bit unsteady at times, not ideal on river banks, and can't walk far with gear; distance I need to travel; Covid and its restrictions, which has taken away such a long period from our lives, I've not fished a river since around October 2020; and lastly, but not the main reason, is that there are just not the numbers of barbel about these days, I never minded blanking as such but so many sessions of recent years seemed like I was flogging a dead horse.

I fished for barbel for nearly 50 years, have enjoyed the best times but I feel the peak has passed. I caught a fair few barbel, a fair few big barbel, and made lots of good friends, but alas I won't renew my club permits.

However, I will still have the odd session, probably up on the Trent, and will continue my pursuit of crucians and tench that I started again a couple of years back.

Will still be here on BFW though :)

Graham Elliott

Senior Member & Supporter
Fully understand that Paul. Knowing full well the rivers you fish and the days we have shared.

What fly???

Make sure you come when your good mate, the big fella, who I introduced you to, and I head North again.

Mark Anderson

Super Moderator
Staff member
Hi men,

I know where you are coming from Paul , with all the reasons . As you know me and Sue gave up , mainly because we could not fish the style we wanted , and mainly because of the numbers of barbel . A change is as good as a rest , France is the answer for me , wished I had found that path 20 years ago , hope you find a path as well fella.


Bob Gill

Staff member

Very sad but know exactly where you are coming from.
As you know I've also taken a back seat and don't see me returning - for a lot of the same reasons you have given.

Will talk again when this has fully sunken in.
Wish you, Sue and family all the best and care.



David Chant

Senior Member
Paul, I have also given up barbel fishing but mine was a more gradual thing, enjoying catching largish tench and bream in the daylight (yes I know :eek: ) instead. I have hardly fished at all in the last two years and that was more because I have "lost my mojo" than due to the pandemic. Maybe when (if) we get a spell of warm and dry weather I may dangle a maggot and watch the Loddon flow by, who knows.

Jon Frisby

Senior Member & Supporter
Sad to here Paul, for all the different reason aswell. Your info and contributions to this site have been fantastic, for old and new members. I look fwd to many more.

Rob Weldon

Senior Member & Supporter
As you say "end of an era",but still I'll still look forward to a chat on the bank,or the many helpful phone calls I've had from you,cheers Paul.

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
Sad to read of that Paul, but completely understandable. If your feeling a little unsteady at times then as far as river fishing is concerned it's better to hang up your rods a year or two too early, than a second too late.

Enjoy the tench and crucian fishing, both enigmatic species which can provide many hours of absorbing fishing which gets you thinking.

Tight lines.

Mark Nicholls

Senior Member & Supporter
Sorry to hear that Paul but maybe a sensible decision. Night fishing solo on rivers obviously isn't the safest. I hope the tench/crucian fishing goes well. Great fun on the pin...as you know.
All the best.

Graham Tremble

Senior Member
Hi Paul,
I am in exactly the same position as you ( even down to the Knee replacement! ) . I will surely have the occasional session but ( like yourself ) I am content to have enjoyed the great experiences of the past. Good luck in all you do in the future.