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Cost Effective Pike Lures

Kevin Speight

Senior Member
I was wondering if anyone can recommend any decent Pike lures that don't cost the earth? I've tried numerous types off the net, but often they're utterly useless. Obviously I know you get what you pay for, but the big name brands do seem to take the mickey on price.

Dave Taylor

Senior Member
The old chrome pattern Shakespeare Big S has always been a winner for me in the budget category Kevin. Mine are very scarred and faded,...I've changed the hooks numerous times since I brought them in the 80's, but they still catch,...could be the rattlers inside that do the business.
I see they're still produced and have been copied by others, don't know if they've still got that magic of the originals?
Unless they've enlarged the diving vane, they will only get down to about 3 feet though.
As you say, some of the cheap lures on sale are terrible, but the soft replicants are worth a punt.
I have to admit to spending silly money on bass lures in a weak moment,..as they say,...they're there to catch the angler, not the fish!
Another cheap winner for me has been the very large flounder spoons which are almost to light to cast any distance, having being designed as an add-on attractor. I have to make a slight adaption to them to use on the rivers for pike, but because they're light they flutter up in the current and can be retrieved enticingly slowly. Big chub tend to like them as well.
ATB Dave

Andrew Venn

Senior Member
im selling a selection of ex shop stock Kevin all at cheaper than the shop prices ranging from spoons to plugs and ready made traces etc.

Steve Lewis

Senior Member
Check eBay for used job lots as well - £15-20 will invariably get most people enough lures and spinners to last a lifetime, and usually include some tried and tested classics (a recent haul of mine cost me £16 and included several vintage lures that go for not far off that price alone in their current iterations).