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Chub Lo-lite Chair - by Andy Dickinson

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Steve Williams

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Chub Lo-lite Chair by Andy Dickinson

After spending 2 seasons lumping my Badger chair around and nearly giving myself a hernia, I decided I needed a lighter, more compact chair for short and roving sessions.

This is where the minefield started.

There are many products on the market, some good some not so good and some just utter rubbish. The issue is which is which.

I embarked on a long road reading reviews and sales blurb on the tinternet. This was very useful and did narrow down my choices to:

1. Nash Nomad

2. Wychwood Superlight Chair

3. Chub Lo-Lite

I decided in the end to go for the "New on the Market" Chub Lo-Lite


This is the smaller and lighter of two new chairs, the Lo-lite and the Hi-lite. The only difference between the two is the leg size and £5.

The chair weighs in at 7lb 8oz (3.5KG) so not the lightest on the market but light enough to be carried easily.

The front legs measure 31cm normal and 46cm fully extended. The back legs are 20cm normal and 26cm fully extended.

The mud feet are fully adjustable so always sit flat.



Apart from being light, one of the other things that attracted me was the fact that there is a continuous bar at the rear. This has proven to be very useful on some of the steeper banks, when you only have the front legs out. Unlike the others that do not have this and would tend to dig in on soft banks.

The seating position is also very comfortable with a slight incline that naturally leans you back slightly.

I have now had the chair for 4 months. I initially was only using it for short sessions after work but it has proven to be so comfortable that, unless I am parking behind my swim. (luxury of the Trent) it goes everywhere with me.

I have even slept in it on overnight sessions and not had any aches and pains in the morning. Although I think it may get a little uncomfortable if used for much more than 24hrs.

Overall this is an extremely well built and very affordable chair at £35.

I realise that I have not had this long but I am that impressed I cannot see my opinion changing.

Overall Rating 8/10

Andy (Andynotts) Dickinson
Oct 2006
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