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Cage feeders cagefeeders.com

What can you say about a cage feeder?
Well for someone who's spent many an evening in his shed making them, I'll tell you, quite a bit.....

There was once a time, when any angler wanting something a bit bigger/ heavier/ more robust that the standard mass produced cage feeders available in your local tackle shop would have to get the DIY gear out and make their own.

The standard approach was to use a few hair curlers and some strips of lead to achieve the desired weight, but they always looked a bit 'home made' and to be honest they didn't stand up very well to the riggers of constant casting and retrieving.

As I said, I use to make my own.
I made a mould and brought some steel mesh, cutting it to size, add a wire loop and a swivel, brought and melted the lead, pour it, powdercoat....
They came out ok, and a few mates started to have them off me, then word spread and I started to get orders for them, but to be honest, it was a nightmare, and ultimately not worth the time, effort and expense.

There are now a number of companies who make large, well made bespoke cage feeders for anglers who fish some of the bigger rivers, and these I'm reviewing today are from cagefeeders.com

The first thing you notice is that they have a very solid, well made feel about them.
They feel as tho they will last a lifetime.

The finish is good, much better than anything I was ever able to achieve. with a nice even coating of powdercoat that seems to withstand scratching and pealing well.
The feeders themselves are available in a number of coloured finishes including Brown, Black, Lime Green Camo, Camo Green and Light Green.


The next thing I noticed is the high quality components used to make the feeders.
The mesh is 6mm welded stainless steel, which is very strong.
80lb stainless steel links, quality sleeves and large eye swivels.

They are available in a range of weights, from 2oz - a mighty 12oz and cost between £1.50 & £3

Ok there will always be those anglers who don't feel the need to spend up to £3 on a feeder and are happy to spend time in their shed making their own, but having been there and done that, I'd now rather be out fishing than working away in the shed.

If you want well made, good quality feeders and a good price, give Andy Whitham a call on 07792 002034, or visit cagefeeders.com

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