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Bowler Okuma bearing

Discussion in 'Technical help - fishing related' started by Julian Peacock, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Julian Peacock

    Julian Peacock Senior Member


    I made the recent mistake of dunking my Martin Bowler Okuma pin in the river a couple of times while maggot fishing thinking it would be a quick fix to get rid of maggot dust gunk while trotting, which it was. The following week it won't spin properly and I'm having to give it a helping hand to start off down my little stream. I oiled the bearings this evening but this made no difference so took the spool off and fiddled a bit; the first bearing race hardly spins and clearly is grinding, the second bearing is fine. I have tried putting the spool on a roll of masking tape and tapping the bearing with a rubber mallet and thin screwdriver handle but the bearing race does not come out. I dare not smack it too hard as the spool is supposedly made from magnesium and I remember this stuff being quite soft.
    Help! anyone know what I should do to get the bearing out safely, whether I should attempt to clean the bearing when I have done this, or buy a new set. I have seen a couple of vids where the bearings on an Avent Pro are replaced for dry running ceramic ones.... Thanks, Julian
  2. Julian Peacock

    Julian Peacock Senior Member

    Shameless bump:)
    I love this reel!
  3. Graham Young

    Graham Young Senior Member

    I know nothing about centrepins but the bearing is more than likely pressed in, if it is and you want it out you will have to take the chance that the frame will not be able to take the pressure while the bearing is pressed out. A local engineering company may be able to help you.
  4. Mike Hodgkiss

    Mike Hodgkiss Senior Member

    Be careful Julian , magnesium is easily damaged/ broken , an engineer with a bench press is probably your best option
  5. Iain Tutt

    Iain Tutt Senior Member

    I know this is a bit old but this may help. Soak the bearing in lighter petrol. Let the petrol evaporate. You may have to do this a couple of times. Once the bearing is running free add a couple of drops of sewing machine oil. Spin the bearings after a few minutes allowing the oil to penetrate and spin the bearings to get rid of the excess. Too much oil is worse than none so only s couple of drops will do.
  6. Julian Peacock

    Julian Peacock Senior Member

    I thought it rude to not give an update, even if it has taken me two years!

    I took the plunge last week and whacked the bearings out with a hammer. Quite a leap of faith on my part as I expected the spool to crack, break or go pop in a very white flash!
    Bearings out and no sign damage so I then scoured the web and bought a new set from everyone’s favourite auction house (thanks Charlie at reelbearings), for £14.95. They are ceramic/stainless hybrid Abec 7.
    Next was the smacking them in bit which needed a well sized socket so as not to damage the casing. And in they went!
    My reel now runs beautifully and will try it out tomorrow.....in the rain!:D