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Angling in Spain with Phil Pembroke

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Steve Williams

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Ever fancied a fishing trip to Spain and want a source of ready information covering all aspects of fishing? Read on, I'll try to cover the contents of this book in this review - it's loaded with information that will save you time and money. Currently it is the only book available in English that covers Spain. There is another book by the same author entitled 'Angling in Portugal and more Spain' also available.

'Angling in Spain' Booklet
117 pages of Invaluable Information

To quote the author, Phil Pembroke, 'The purposes of this book is simple. To enable you, your family and friends to get the most out of your angling holiday to Spain.'

Throughout it's 117 pages, this booklet is packed with information and covers a lot of fish species (catfish, carp, black bass etc etc) as well as the several strains of barbel which inhabit the waterways of Spain.

Various individual provinces are covered, including where to buy an angling licence, boat licence, additional information, accompanied by maps, general fishing advice and much, much more. There are lots of web and e-mail addresses of fishing organisations, charter fishing, accommodation and other useful contacts, including organised angling holidays.

Tackle, tactics, baits and locations are discussed.

After reading this book, I realised the masses of invaluable information contained within it's pages, the time and dedication it must have taken to put together and the knowledge of the author.


Invaluable for those contemplating an angling trip to Spain. This book has done most of the hard work for you and it's also an informative, interesting read. A bargain at £10 plus £1 p&p.

Price: Angling in Spain - £10 each plus £1 p&p.

Angling in Portugal and More Spain - £10 each plus £1 p&p.

Both books ordered together cost £16 including p&p.


Direct from the author - telephone Phil on 01708 764 696

Bob Gill

February 2004
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