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A change in forum software is coming...

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Andy Frances, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Jon Frisby

    Jon Frisby Senior Member

    Looks great Andy, and so mobile friendly.
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  2. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    A big thank you from me too Matt :)
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  3. MattWServices

    MattWServices Member

    Thanks @Paul Whiteing

    Just seen your signature image is broken as that directory hasn't been moved.


    Fixing it now
  4. MattWServices

    MattWServices Member

  5. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    I can't see my Sig at all
  6. MattWServices

    MattWServices Member

    Are you on mobile or desktop? You have all the permissions to view signatures.
  7. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    Am on mobile ,,,,, also on river bank :D
  8. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Sigs are hidden on mobile.
  9. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    Ah, ok. Thanks
  10. Bob Watson

    Bob Watson Senior Member

    First impressions look very good. Well done to all concerned!!
  11. Iain Tutt

    Iain Tutt Senior Member

    Any chance of changing the font for more bolder one like this Ariel. As the font you are using i quite hard to read even with my glasses. Us with poor eyesight need a font that doesn't bleed into each other.

    <done - paul 4 / BFW Team Member">
  12. Paul Collins

    Paul Collins Senior Member

    Hi Andy
    Managed to fight my way into the new site, looks good. My (firefox) browser wasn't very happy though, kept telling me the site wasn't secure?
    Also I took your advice re the Malwarebytes , the free trial is now ending and I'm being asked to pay to upgrade to the premium service. Is it worth it?
    I do have Norton, McAfee and Windows defender free stuff.
  13. Bob Gill

    Bob Gill Administrator

    Looks good in both Edge and Chrome. Well done.
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  14. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    Andy will be sorting this problem, so you won't get the message
  15. Dave Collins

    Dave Collins Member

    Looking good :) Well done guys.
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  16. Ray Thorpe

    Ray Thorpe Senior Member

    Very Posh. Looks really good works ok on Chrome. Well done to all involved.
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  17. Steve Roffey

    Steve Roffey Senior Member

    Looks good, no problem apart from Firefox warning, same as Paul Collins reported.
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  18. Ian Hobkirk

    Ian Hobkirk Senior Member

    Looks good to me ! Very modern :)
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  19. MattWServices

    MattWServices Member

    HTTPS is coming next week along with the rest of the updated site.
  20. Neil Smart

    Neil Smart Senior Member