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A change in forum software is coming...

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Andy Frances, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Andy Frances

    Andy Frances Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    After a few recent problems with security on the the BFW forum I’ve managed to find some alternative forum software that it seems everyone using Vbulletin is switching to. I’ve decided not to try to put it live before Christmas so will aim for the first couple of weeks of January.

    In theory we won’t lose any data, PMs will go across and all image attachments. Your login details will be the same. I’ll be working on a new version of the rest of the site over Christmas so we should finally be moving with the times where the site will be responsive (work properly on mobiles).

    More soon I hope…

  2. Dave Durrant

    Dave Durrant Senior Member

    Nice one Andy, it's great that you don't rest on your laurels. :)

    I bet Claire isn't happy to see you slaving over a hot computer all xmas though ;)
  3. Stephen Crowhurst

    Stephen Crowhurst Senior Member

    What one are you switching to Andy?
  4. Clive Shipman

    Clive Shipman Senior Member

    Nice one Andy.
  5. John Walker

    John Walker Senior Member

    we all have faith in anything you do or suggest Andy,you and family have a wonderful xmas:)
  6. Bob Gill

    Bob Gill Administrator

    Great news Andy - look forward to it. Well done.
  7. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    Yep, will be a good move :)
  8. Andy Frances

    Andy Frances Administrator

    I haven't told her yet Dave....EEK!

    It won't go down well, unless I really start getting on her nerves in which case she'll be glad to see the back of me :)


  9. Andy Frances

    Andy Frances Administrator

    Hi Stephen,

    We're switching to XenForo. It seems lot's of others are too. So far it seems great, particularly as you can import everything from VB. I have a guy doing it all for me who's done it many times before :)


  10. John Walker

    John Walker Senior Member

    is there any news on the new software forum yet please
  11. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    Am testing :)
  12. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    All is going well :)

    We are likely to be switching from vBulletin to the new forum some time soon, maybe on Thursday.

    We are not planning to have any lengthy period of downtime, it will (maybe apart from a few minutes whilst buttons are being pressed - we hope) be a quick changeover for you. You will have to log in to the new forum, and use your existing username & password ......

    If you don't know or remember your password there will be a facility where you can set a new one without having to email/phone AndyF or paul4 :)

    ...... then you carry on as before :). We will add some tips and help in due course.

    Since there will be little downtime there will likely be some changes and tweaks we will be doing over the following 2 or 3 days (maybe longer) as/if/when we find things that are necessary. Please bear with us, it's a complicated process :D

  13. Mike Osborne

    Mike Osborne Senior Member

    FaO Paul W.

    Hi Paul,

    I,ve tried, with no success,forthe past hour to change my e-mail address and log-in password.

    After repeated tries and getting the feed-back something like "The e-mail adresses do not match" I've given up,frustrated!

  14. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    I'll ring you and sort it out :)
  15. Mike Osborne

    Mike Osborne Senior Member


    Many thanks, Paul,...... as always, Mr.Reliable,

  16. Mike Osborne

    Mike Osborne Senior Member

    Very smooth..... and pretty, well done Andy & Team,
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  17. Tom Mycroft

    Tom Mycroft Senior Member

    Looking good at this end, well done.
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  18. Andy Frances

    Andy Frances Administrator

    Thanks guys. We've used a guy called Matt Worthington to do the transfer and it turns out he's a total legend when it comes to doing migrations from vBulletin to Xenforo. Paul4 has done loads of testing and checking before going live, so huge thanks to him!

    There are bound to be a few teething problems as we get used to the new software, but for now it feels great to be using something that's modern and secure.

    Next week we'll be switching the rest of the site over to a different format so that the shop will work properly, and the whole experience will be better on mobile devices. We'll also be installing an SSL certificate so the whole site will be secured with the green padlock in the browser.

    More soon...

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  19. MattWServices

    MattWServices Member

    If anyone notices anything, feel free to tag me in a post letting us know what the issue is, and I can take a look.
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  20. Andy Frances

    Andy Frances Administrator

    Thank you Matt - it feels great to have found someone who is so competent!
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