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50+ Bivies

Adam Wylie

Senior Member
Took the dog a walk down at Gunthorpe this morning ( Trent ) ,couldn't believe my eyes 😳
50 + Bivies on the river edge from the weir down 2 fields 🤔
I was told it was the National "Barbel Masters".I was told there was also 20 Bivies at
Stoke Bardolph and 20 more at Winthorpe.
They had been there since Friday am and we're fishing until Sunday am.
The water is low and not many fish had been caught according to the Anglers I spoke to.
Amazing site to see !!!😳

Terry Simner

Senior Member
The 'Heron' has got a lot to answer for ... I reckon Dick Walker will be spinning in his grave 👻

Simon Archer

Senior Member
I do have to smile when I see the 18lber has been caught again. Always the same background in the picture.