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  1. Duncan Dimbleby

    3 X Nash Scopes

    I have a lovely set mk1 Scopes for sale in pristine, looked after condition. These are 10ft'ers and 2.75tc with full shrink wrap handles. These have been my small water and Thames carp rods but they are more versatile than that. Also used for flood water barbel, tench in weedy water and also an...
  2. Duncan Dimbleby

    Chub lo-lite chair

    One of the lightest chairs made. All legs work fine and is in used but really nice, cared for condition. £20 collected Windsor area. Pics on request.
  3. Duncan Dimbleby

    Small Wychwood two rod quiver

    This a lovely small, light weight rod quiver for two rods and will hold a couple of bank sticks, your net and a handle. Used but not abused, no marks and in really almost pristine condition. £15 collected Windsor area. Can send you pics on request.
  4. Duncan Dimbleby

    Chub lo-lite chair

    Selling my trusty lo-lite chair in excellent condition. A very popular chair with roving anglers due to its light weight. All 4 adjustable legs in full working order. £25 collected from Windsor / Ascot area. Only selling as decided I want a chair with arms. Duncan.
  5. Duncan Dimbleby

    Fishy / meaty groundbait

    Can someone recommend me a fish meal / meaty groundbait suitable for stick mixes and feeder applications when using meat or pellet / boilie as a hookbait. I have been using Sonubaits spicy meat groundbait but it has caught me very little and I've lost confidence in it. Thanks.
  6. Duncan Dimbleby

    Barbel up close DVD's

    Barbel Up close - Winter DVD Barbel Up close - Summer DVD Barbel, Even closer DVD The Guy Robb and Stuart Morgan classic and groundbreaking DVD's from a few years back. Watched twice each, mint condition. £20 posted for all three.
  7. Duncan Dimbleby

    Anglers Forum

    Site down again, or is it me ?
  8. Duncan Dimbleby

    Daisy hyper sensor line.

    Edit: That's DAIWA hyper sensor, bloody predictive text ! I was big fan and long time user of the old stuff and used it to great effect between 8lb and 15lb depending on conditions and whether I was barbel or carp fishing. Anyone now using the new Hyper Sensor line with its reduced diameter and...
  9. Duncan Dimbleby

    Aqua /Scope / distance rods

    Some carp bits for sale. I've got a large Aqua Products carryall in very good, clean condition. No marks, holes or snags. This is huge and ideal for the angler who takes everything. £60. 1 x Nash Scope mkI 9ft and 2.75tc. This is mint, hardly used and has it's original rod bag. Great rod...
  10. Duncan Dimbleby


    Can anyone recommend me a decent shelf life boilie that's readily available for barbel. I want to keep some at home or in the car for quick sessions when I haven't had time to defrost some bait. Always used to use source but have heard it's not the same bait it used to be. Oh yes, and I want...
  11. Duncan Dimbleby

    How big is yours.

    Been fishing exclusively with garlic meat recently due to this high and coloured water but it's got me thinking. How big is big ( bait size ) and if conditions are not bang on, ie falling temps or lower than ideal water temps, should I infact be using smaller lumps of meat to induce a bite ...
  12. Duncan Dimbleby

    Anglers Forum

    Anyone else struggling to get on - has disappeared, or is it just me ? D.
  13. Duncan Dimbleby

    Filing cabinet

    Used 3 drawer filing cabinet made of MDF in brown and cream. £10 and its yours ! Collection only from Bracknell. Duncan.
  14. Duncan Dimbleby

    Honda Varadero XL125 motorbike

    For sale, A clean and tidy example of this popular learner legal Honda. An ideal learner or commuter bike that looks and feels like a much bigger machine of the adventure / enduro type. Garaged and never ridden in the wet. Very economical to run. This bike has been fitted with a centre stand...
  15. Duncan Dimbleby

    Webley and Scott

    For sale, my Webley and Scott Vulcan air rifle complete with a Baizhong 4 X 32 scope. Must of spent 20 odd years in a gun case, virtually unused so clean and tidy. will come with a padded case, some card targets and pellets. Looking for £100. Collection from Windsor or Bracknell...
  16. Duncan Dimbleby

    Pool / snooker dining table.

    Beautiful Bilijardai oak pool / snooker dining table. This is a quality dining table in beautifully finished pale oak with a proper slate bed green baise playing surface for pool or snooker. The playing surface measures 6' x 3'. With the top on the table measures 7' x 4' but comes with...
  17. Duncan Dimbleby

    Boat stolen.

    I hope the mods don't mind this post here but we wanted as many people to see this as possible. Myself and several other bfw member have had our Sportyak boat stolen this week from our syndicate lake near Maidenhead. As many of you on here will no doubt be turning your attention to tench...
  18. Duncan Dimbleby

    Home page pic.

    Well done Keith on another cracking float caught double. Good winter skills fella ;) ! Duncan.
  19. Duncan Dimbleby

    Bike fishing.

    Anyone use a bike to get to the river these days ? With so much of my local Thames ( and Jubilee river ) inacessible by car ( or a very long walk ) I figure it's got to make sense to reach spots I'd not normally get to. Moreover, does anyone use a trolley attached to their bike to help...