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  1. Gerry Giles


    I thought I would mention this as it may help some one like me lol I bought a as new FOX SPECIALIST BROLLY :cool: when I put it up in my garden its like new bigsmile ! BUT !!!! when I came to collapse it ? I could not see any button to press and I just could not work out how it could fold up...
  2. Gerry Giles

    BBC1 Countryfile 19.00 !

    well worth watching lincolnshire ....>Ellie also sees how eels are being used to combat the threat from invasive signal crayfish
  3. Gerry Giles

    Country file tonight

    7pm tonight undercover on the severn river. Illegal sale/export to asia. Might be worth watching
  4. Gerry Giles

    in the market for a new shelter ?

    a mate just bought one Have a look on total fishing tackle website they are doing the tempest composite MB has a metal block for £160 (using the code SALE for extra 20% off ) same size as the tempest air it has a solid front on it but can obviously be roll back so it’s open fronted of if you...
  5. Gerry Giles

    Thailand fishing trip

    Anyone got a Thailand trip on their bucket list ? I did one in 2016 had a wonderful time If your thinking of going this may interest you ? A facebook friend is in Thailand at the moment and been fishing Topcats and what a trip ! Round up of the week. What a weeks fishing He has had fish...
  6. Gerry Giles

    Whats best recent bit of tackle you have bought ?

    Whats best recent bit of tackle you have bought ? and Why ? I will kick it off and say the Ridge Monkey Action Station I absolutely love it !!!! mine I fit on my storm pole I keep everything I need to recast without having to keep ducking under the bivvy/brolly hook sharpener ,hook,scissors...
  7. Gerry Giles

    Red Rapeseed ??

    Hi does anyone use red rapeseed ? if so how do you prepare it ? thinking of adding it to my feeder mix in the future
  8. Gerry Giles


    EQUINE FLU Hi everyone, there is an outbreak of Equine Influenza in the UK, this has led to all horse racing being abandoned today. If you are Fishing Detecting, Rambling, Dog walking or Cycling and pass any fields with Horses in, please do not approach or fuss them. This strain of the virus...
  9. Gerry Giles

    Shocking murder of a bloke trying to catch a few barbel

    15 min drive from my house and this was where I fished as a kid but its a dangerous place to fish on your own on the Thames these days this is why I drive the 2 to 3 hours up to the trent...
  10. Gerry Giles

    Angling Trust scandal !!!

    Seems Angling Trust was asked to explain what happened to thousands of pounds of Drennan Team England sponsorship money !! if you want to hear more listen to talksport Fishermans blues after he talks a bit about football it comes on...
  11. Gerry Giles

    cheap folding cradle similar to a well know fishing one lol

    sorry length was in cm I miss read it thought it was in inches so deleted it
  12. Gerry Giles

    What to do with your old line !!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE WATCH THIS ! ( if you have facebook) https://www.facebook.com/NashTackleUK/videos/vb.245080404170/1982450871874603/?type=2&theater if not please read this on this website .........................thank you https://www.anglers-nlrs.co.uk/
  13. Gerry Giles

    Prologic HighGrade Thermo Suit ???

    Has anyone got a Prologic HighGrade Thermo Suit ? and can give me a USERS report please ? and hows the sizing ? not sure if I need a XXL or a XL these are being heavily reduced at the moment 70 quid on Amazon years ago I used to have a Prologic wilderness Suit and I must say it was fantastic...
  14. Gerry Giles

    Muck boot 50 % off

    anyone interested in Muckboots they have a 50 % off sale on SOME boots ALSO a code FEAST18 that works on some boots too https://www.muckbootcompany.co.uk/collections/sale
  15. Gerry Giles

    Record Barbel 20lb 2ozs Thames

    Just saw Anglers mail front page a Thames record 20lb 2ozs fish caught
  16. Gerry Giles

    Shocking news !

  17. Gerry Giles

    June 16 and why I am upset

    I drove the 2 1/2 hours to the Middle River Trent very early on June 15 and secured my peg for the coming season but was proper pissed off when opposite were 2 guys fishing using rubber fish lures from the conversation I could hear I am 90% sure they were polish I saw them catch 2 Pike...
  18. Gerry Giles


    JUST a heads up saw this incredible bargain check it out if your in the market for a brolly system ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/CarpZone-Fishing-Brolly-System-Extended/dp/B01MRSAAMZ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1528916530&sr=8-1&keywords=carpzone
  19. Gerry Giles

    STOLEN FISH COMES HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know this is not in in this country but its about a group of anglers that have gone above and beyond to achieve a fantastic result this week !! and hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did
  20. Gerry Giles

    how do you keep your Luncheon meat on ?

    Im sure there are a few ways of keeping Luncheon meat on in fast flowing rivers whats your ? it would be nice to find a few new methods I havent tried