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  1. Steve J Williams

    River pike

    Do people find that popping up deadbaits a foot or so up off the bottom work ?
  2. Steve J Williams

    Braid advice and which knots to use?

    world's strongest knot here .... enjoy :)
  3. Steve J Williams

    Barbel Show 2018

    just googled 'FFF feeders' ... lol - yes Fisky was there :)
  4. Steve J Williams

    Barbel Show 2018

    don't know fisky, but good quality feeders were being sold. I think they were stamped FFF
  5. Steve J Williams

    Which mono?

    Fox Aquos is good stuff, thin diameter, good abraision resistance & cheap like the soft steel
  6. Steve J Williams

    greys prodigy txl barbel 2lb

    As Iain says the TFG Big River Barbel rods are fantastic value for money they are an absolute bargain.
  7. Steve J Williams


    I often feed by hand (catapult) just to get some bait scent in the river, you don't really need to be too accurate as the fish will hopefully start searching out bait once they've got the taste.