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    What a suprise !!! such a fine Specimen ,not to say a very unusual one for, the Trent 😳😳😳
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    Torrix 2lb

    Hi all, just been offered a pair of Torrix 12' 2lb rods, custom built but not used . I already have the 12' 1.75 .would there be any advantage over the 1.75 , Apart from the Bargain price . Thanks in Advance 👍
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    A new bailiff on the Tidal Trent

    Is this an undercover balliff ?😁
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    Dedicated Chub Rod

    Hi all, Whatnrods would you recommend as a Dedicated Chub rod , most fish about 3 lbs but 5lb-6lb Are present ! ( RIVER TRENT ) 🤔 Was thinking Torrix 1.5
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    Korum Big Water rod 12' 2.5 tc

    Little used Korum BIG WATER ROD 12' 2.5 £45 👍 Pick up Notts
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    Korum Big water rod 13' x 2.75 “Gone “

    Hi all 1x KOURUM BIG WATER ROD 13ft 2.75 . Used a couple of times but in Excellent Condition ,comes with original cloth bag .( RRP £130 ) Pick up Nottingham £50👍 sold Local !
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    Number of rods and reels

    Hi all, probably been done before but Hey !Ho! come on lads and ladies ,don’t be shy 😁how many rods and reels do you have ????🤔 I am happy to say I have thinned mine all down to just 10 ,6 custom built and 4 off the shelf. each rod has a reels to suit,so 10 reels. just a bit of Fun.
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    OKUMA LS 6 K reel SOLD !

    OKUMA LS 6K BAITFEEDER REEL, USED TWICE THIS SEASON .sold! In excellent condition,with boxes,same size as medium longcast Shimano and LOADED WITH NEW DAIWA TOURNAMENT 12 lb mono . £45 POSTED 👍 Sold !
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    2 x KORUM BIG WATER RODS no longer available

    1 x 12' KORUM BIG WATER 2.5 tc ( minima rings ,full cork , white fluorescent site tip,Green tippets) 1 x 12' KORUM BIG WATER 2.25 tc ( minima rings ,full cork,white fluorescent site tip ,Green tippets ) Decided to keep them !!!
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    ABU 507 closed face reels " X2 " New and unused .sold

    A PAIR OF ABU 507 closed face reels ,both brand new with 3 spare spools each In reel bags and boxed £110 pick up only 👍 sold
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    DAIWA CONNOSIUR 14ft float rod Brand New UNUSED ROD WITH DAIWA ROD CASE ( with reel pouches for made up rods ) Product code = CNM 14W AU Pick up Nottingham £100 Posted £135
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    Gardner ultraskin "STIFF" sold .

    2 spools unused , don't like it as it has to be steamed to get it straight ! £15 posted
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    Hook length Braid sinking

    Hi all, Which sinking braid are you using for your hooklinks ? Coated or non coated ?
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    Bite alarms

    Hi all, How many people on here use Bite alarms for their Barbel fishing ??? I don't use them as I rely on the rod tip and the sound of the BAITRUNNER or FAST DRAG. A guy about 3 swims away from me was and drove me up the wall , it was a strong wind and every bluster produced the sound of the...
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    3 x OKUMA INCEPTION 6000 brand new unused reels . Fast drag,wooden knobs,metal spools.Great reels from OKUMA at a great price For 3 reels.👍£140 "POSTED "👍😦 “SOLD”
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    JW youngs centre pin "RIVER SPECIALIST " BOTH SOLD"

    Hi all , I have a pair of JW YOUNGS RIVER SPECIALIST CENTREPIN REELS ! These are Brand New and we're purchased earlier this year at £798 the pair . I have changed my fishing venue for the new season and the centrepin would not be appropriate hence sale. These are brand new with all documentation...
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    Okuma pulzar baitfeeder reels

    Hi all, can anyone tell me if apart from the numbers ,ie there any difference in body size between the OKUMA PULZAR BAITFEEDER 4000 and 6000 please ?
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    Tacklebox sleeve

    Tacklebox skeletal 10' rod sleeve , New but no longer needed . Pick up Notts £12 👍
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    2.75 rods

    Hi all, do we really need to use rods with a TC of 2.75 ??? on some parts of the Trent they are using 3lb plus 😳 years ago a rod of 1.75 was considered a SNAG ROD !!
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    Harrison Torrix custom built 12’x 1.75 “ FURTHER REDUCED” now sold to a very happy Angler "

    A BRAND NEW HARRISON TORRIX 12’x 1.75 tc rod custom built by LEE PRESTON JUST 6 Weeks ago !!, “Stunning rod “ with full wave cork handle,Gunsmoke Fuji reel seat,25mm kigan guides,Gunsmoke Alps butt cap,Claret whippings with metallic copper tippets ,and minimal Graphics. Build cost was £370 ...