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  1. Roger Cramer


    A brilliant, entertaining presence throughout my whole life. RIP.
  2. Roger Cramer

    Prolonged heat

    Totally agree, Chris. Having recently moved to the North-west of the UK at the end of last year and slowly trying to adjust to the capricious nature of my new venue- The Ribble, a spate river, with it's constantly varying levels, I was totally gobsmacked recently by the fact that at least two...
  3. Roger Cramer

    Hook choice???

    Without question, I've used Korda Kontinental hooks successfully for the past 10 years. Extra strong gauge and needle sharp! NEVER had one straighten (as I have had with other, so-called "specialist"-type brands!) For small baits (maggots, casters) size 10 with a short, 6-inch length of 12lb...
  4. Roger Cramer

    What are your targets for the new season?

    I have only just gone through a major house move from Leicestershire to Merseyside for family reasons after some 17 years(!!) previously covering The Trent and most other Midlands waterways, last December. I still managed, however, to squeeze in a few "end of season" outings on my brand new...
  5. Roger Cramer

    Boot Space for fishing tackle

    I understand thanks David and all other contributors, but one of the main reasons for my dispensing with my one-time favourite Nissan X-trail nearly 4 years ago was precisely the fact that it had a diesel engine (admittedly a gas-guzzling 2 litres!) with all the concomitant drawbacks of the...
  6. Roger Cramer

    Boot Space for fishing tackle

    Well, thanks to all contributors (however varied!!) As is the norm for this excellent site, enthusiastic discussions/viewpoints will tend to shoot off at unpredictable tangents from the original subject matter🤨 but its always entertaining AND informative! As I'd already largely committed to...
  7. Roger Cramer

    Boot Space for fishing tackle

    That's absolutely brilliant👍. Thanks to everyone who has responded so far, both informatively AND so promptly (just why I love this great site so much!!). I had noticed that the Juke's boot area has a removable bottom panel but it's really reassuring to hear confirmation from fellow barbellers...
  8. Roger Cramer

    Boot Space for fishing tackle

    Cheers Paul. To be honest now that I'm based "oop North" since December and mainly concentrating on The Ribble, there's no real necessity for a 4WD, as there's no actual direct vehicular (bankside) access for the majority of its club stretches- just nearby car parks and then walking (unlike...
  9. Roger Cramer

    Boot Space for fishing tackle

    Just thinking of ditching my current transport (Ford Focus) for a different (used) model...namely a Nissan Juke. I've become increasingly at odds with the struggle I have always had (specially now at 76) in exiting the Focus with its really low-level wheel base!! Having previously owned an...
  10. Roger Cramer

    Spoppers in stock

    Order arrived this morning. Many thanks, Andy. Can't wait 'til next season to put it to work👍
  11. Roger Cramer

    Good Luck

    Managed one last outing, yesterday, on my new venue (River Ribble near Preston) since moving from Leicestershire to Huyton back in December. Not particularly ideal conditions (low, clear water level although good temp of 9.5C , and bright windy weather:() so I knew that nothing much would...
  12. Roger Cramer

    Spoppers in stock

    Order placed today. Many thanks, Andy👍
  13. Roger Cramer

    River levels

    Seems to be pretty much a regular pattern each year now, just when it ought to the ideal time to make the most of the last few weeks of the season :rolleyes:🌧️🌊
  14. Roger Cramer

    Maggot feeders

    The one really annoying thing about Korum's decision to reissue their "river" feeders last year is that they (unbelievably!) dropped the best feature of their Mk1 versions which was that they were block-end!!! Perfect for for maggot/caster fishing without the necessity for groundbait at both...
  15. Roger Cramer

    Michael Brindle (Preston)

    Hi Michael. We had a brief, but valuable exchange back in November (when I had only just moved to Huyton, Liverpool) re. The Ribble and angling clubs/prospects. Haven't been able to get in touch since, so could you please message me so that we could take the subject a bit further now that...
  16. Roger Cramer

    Club Tickets.

    Hi Simon. Many thanks for your comments. I should really point out that, in truth, I am a Londoner born-and-bred (well, Cockney really "me old china") although having been here since 2003 (came to run a local tackle shop-'Gone Fishing') I have felt pretty much at home with so many E Midlands...
  17. Roger Cramer

    Club Tickets.

    Many thanks for input, Joe👍 I used try to get out during the closed season in pursuit of Tinca when I could access the right venues but, recently, they are few and far between here in Leics. I might well take you up on your offer once I get settled!
  18. Roger Cramer

    Club Tickets.

    Best of luck with your interest in Ashfield,Jim.....as of today, their Waiting List is over 2,300 names now😲 Sadly, I am not too fussed about giving up their ticket, as over the past ten years there has been an explosion of newer members totally obsessed with bivvying up for days on end (with a...
  19. Roger Cramer

    Club Tickets.

    Mostly Trent-based now: Ashfield Angling (since 2004/5) Newark Piscatorials Notts Fed Although, sadly, they will all be lapsing soon☹️ as the missus and I are in the throws of moving house (after 17 years here in Hinckley!) to Lancashire, in Huyton (for family reasons) during the next couple...
  20. Roger Cramer

    River Wye Fshing stopped

    Maybe, as the most dominant, allegedly more intelligent (and supposedly more sentient and considerate) species we ought not to be pursuing ANY aquatic (AND through no thought of their own, more vulnerable) residents until conditions properly improve😇