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  1. Simon Archer

    Daiwa SS2600

    Just a heads up if anyone is interested. https://www.maggotdrowning.com/forums/threads/daiwa-whisker-ss2600-x-3.244143/
  2. Simon Archer

    Trent Valley Angling.

    Is anyone a member ?? I'm only down the road from their river sections., and after looking at their website I thought I might like to join. Just after any info about the stretches they control please, and whether it's worth joining. Thanks.
  3. Simon Archer

    Burton Mutual.

    Just a quick heads up for those who might be thinking of joining BMAA. As of the first of July they will no longer be accepting new members. Just been posted on their FB page.
  4. Simon Archer

    Club Tickets.

    How many do you have ?? At the moment, I have three. A Burton Mutual, a Scunthorpe and a local club ticket that only has stillwaters on it. But as of next season I may be adding to that with another one. I may drop the Scunthorpe and the local ticket to make just the two though. I've hardly...
  5. Simon Archer

    Winter tactics.

    I generally don't fish much after the clocks go back. I work outside all week and if the weathers been poor during the week, the thought of sitting by the bankside at the weekend/evening isn't that appealing. However, this year I'm going to try and give it a go a little bit more. My normal...
  6. Simon Archer


    ....Or the lack of it. I have quite a physical job, and during the day have all good intentions of going fishing when I get home. The Trent is only 30 minutes away, but by the time I'm home I'm cream crackered and mostly can't be bothered. I have two dogs that need to be walked as well, and as...
  7. Simon Archer

    Old bait

    I've just received my fresh bait from Three Foot Twitch for the coming season, but I still have the odd half bag of boilies, half used pots of paste left over from last season. What does everyone do with their older bait. ATM my old bait is all together in separate bags in a large plastic tub...
  8. Simon Archer


    I've taken a punt and joined Scunthorpe Anglers. I'm planning on fishing their tidal Trent stretches. I know the tidal has suffered badly with Mitten crabs the last few years and I'm asking for any tips on how best to avoid/negate them ??
  9. Simon Archer

    Recommend me a line for the tidal Trent.

    As the title. I've just put some 12lbs GR60 on two spools just for something to do really. It gets well received on here and also on the Carp Forum, so thought I'd buy some. First time I've bought it and my first impression of it just on the reel is that it's a little wiry and springy...
  10. Simon Archer

    Rod sleeve.

    I bought two Daiwa rod sleeves to go with my new rods, but the handle on the Basias is quite short and with the reel fitted they wont fit in the sleeve properly. The distance from the bottom of the handle to the reel is different (Shorter) to the distance from the bottom of the sleeve to the...
  11. Simon Archer

    Close season Tench fishing.

    Due to one thing or another, my river season is probably over for this year. So, in the close season I'm looking to try my hand at some Tench fishing. I've earmarked Linear as a possible venue. It's nearly two hours away, which isn't a problem but would like to find a day ticket Tench water...
  12. Simon Archer

    Floodwater rods.

    I've been unsuccessful in trying to buy some second hand Floodwater rods off the usual auction sites recently, missing out twice in the last few seconds. So much so, that I've resigned myself to getting some off the peg (no pun intended) rods. Choice isn't really limited to price, but getting...
  13. Simon Archer


    Just joined up after buying something from the BFW store. I normally fish the upper Trent and Dove but travel up to Newark every now and again. Been fishing for Barbel for the last 6 years with not that much success.