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  1. Gary Short

    Photos of river scenes

    I know what you mean, long net handle and good balance required Great shot
  2. Gary Short

    Photos of river scenes

    Middle Severn - quick July visit, LR for barbel RR for roach
  3. Gary Short

    Photos of river scenes

    Opening morning on the Wandle
  4. Gary Short

    What are your targets for the new season?

    Great thread 👏
  5. Gary Short


    (Following thread out of interest) Not used on a river but had success on it for lake carp. Like Ash says it smells lovely. My dog loves it too, when she gets a whiff she comes begging. Might give it a go when time permits as there are a few carp also in my local barbel river
  6. Gary Short

    Your first barbel photo

    Only took 50 years (not to play it :p) A baby, but the start of what I feel is going to be an obsession
  7. Gary Short

    Another one

    😍 that mullet Ryan
  8. Gary Short

    Photos of river scenes

    The Wandle at it's best
  9. Gary Short

    What month

    Whenever I'm allowed out
  10. Gary Short

    River Wandle & MHPAC

    Many thanks Neil, be good to learn some more info about the river
  11. Gary Short

    Trotting for barbel

    Watching with keen interest. New to barbel fishing and have tried rolling meat which is good fun, also 'static' approach. From a coarse background but have mainly fished still waters so river skills need brushing up. Been doing some trotting for other species this year and keen to get out there...
  12. Gary Short

    River Wandle & MHPAC

    Afternoon all, New to the forum and have been trawling though the posts & the archives, particularly interested in my local river, the Wandle. The river doesn't seem to have made it to the river reports this year so wondered if the are any Wandle anglers using the forum at the moment &...
  13. Gary Short


  14. Gary Short

    New member saying Hi!

    New member saying Hi. Surrey based born again angler after 20 yr break. Been getting back into it over the last year or so & fishing for anything that swims. First ever (small) barbel this summer & another baby one in December. Bitten by the bug & planning to target them on various venues in...