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  1. Alan Palmer

    If you....

    The 12’6 Barbel specialists are one of Drennans all time classics IMO…capable of chucking the largest of feeders and still retains a lovely playing action with plenty of reserves in the butt
  2. Alan Palmer

    Bank tramp or tackle tart?

    Definitely tart end of spectrum for me…..amount of money we spend on gear seems crazy not to keep it in best nick. Except for rod bags, don’t care what they look like and no idea why that is!
  3. Alan Palmer

    2 Harrison Chimera Specialist No.4 2 shimano thunnus 6000 reels

    Guilty of that too! Got 2 shimano ultegra 5500 ci4 in the loft gathering dust🤦‍♂️
  4. Alan Palmer

    Hook choice???

    I’ve been using the Korum Grappler last few months in size 12/14 fishing the feeder for both Tench and Barbel, have been impressed so far…great hookholds, don’t blunt easily and good price. Landed a low 20 carp on a size 14 so they do stand up to larger fish. Used the Nash floater claw last...
  5. Alan Palmer

    Inline cage feeders

    They look great, if you ever do some in 2oz to sell I will definitely take a few for my tenching 🤞
  6. Alan Palmer

    Daiwa castizm br 25a or 25qd

    I have been looking at those along with the tournament feeder…only seen the feeder reel in the flesh but shop is ordering in the whisker to compare, absolute quality reel, and price tag to match https://www.daiwasports.co.uk/product/20-whisker-25qd...
  7. Alan Palmer

    Korum chair, fox brolly, Stradic 4000

    Korum aeronium supa lite recliner chair, excellent condition. Very little use. £50 SOLD Fox specialist brolly 45”. Ecxcellent condition, used only twice. £50 Shimano Stradic 4000 GTM RC, immaculate, with spare spool. £60 SOLD all collection from North Milton Keynes, or could meet north London...
  8. Alan Palmer

    Good luck all…

    Hoping the 16th is kind to me….gonna be too hot for me on Friday, would rather fish in the rain over the weekend
  9. Alan Palmer

    Good luck all…

    I aim to be on the river 1st light trotting maggots for Chub. Then back home and out again late afternoon into dark on a weir pool for an elusive Ouse Barbel Doubt I will sleep much tonight
  10. Alan Palmer


    4 club waters and a syndicate lake complex for me, like others 2 of the club tickets I am loathe to give up as getting back in is a very long wait! I have quite an amusing anecdote about one of my club books….a local one I would fish with friends as a young lad, never bought a ticket and was...
  11. Alan Palmer

    How far ?

    This time of year I will readily do a 90 mile trip to the Severn once or twice a month, get there for 1st light and you still have 15 hrs of fishing (no night fishing allowed)…but I’m also very lucky in having the Ouse within walking distance of home. If you share the long journeys with friends...
  12. Alan Palmer

    New Venue

    Have a look here Paul, stunning location on the Severn https://rdas.me.uk/rental-cottages/ We also stay here https://cottagefishingholidays.co.uk/ We book a week in autumn, predominantly to fish the Severn as members of RDAS, but booking a year in advance you take your chances with state of the...
  13. Alan Palmer

    Boot Space for fishing tackle

    I have a Skoda Superb…it’s cavernous, lovely to drive long distances and the most economical car I’ve ever owned, it’s a 1.6 diesel green line and averages 65mpg on a long run (fully loaded) cruising at 70.
  14. Alan Palmer

    First crack at a maggot feeder

    They look spot on Richard, if I hadn’t recently stocked up with some of Fiskys feeders (which are also great) I’d be asking for some…count me in as a future customer though
  15. Alan Palmer

    Fox specialist flatback brolly*sold*

    45”. Only used twice so in great condition To be honest it is a bit cramped for a 6’4” lanky git like me hence the sale. £60 collection from MK14
  16. Alan Palmer

    Fox Kevlar Barbel Rods

    Difficult to answer with any level of accuracy, as it depends on demand at the time. If it’s listed on an auction site and 2 bidders really want them they will fetch good money…I have seen some go for £350 plus and at other times less than £200. Collection may be restrictive to some people. My...
  17. Alan Palmer

    Korum’s customer care

    Bag clips, D loops, straps, bolts and feet etc could all be sold with a decent mark up and we’d glady pay it to keep our luggage going The cynic in me thinks this is exactly the reason companies don’t offer parts/spares Richard….they want us to replace with a new item!
  18. Alan Palmer

    brolly recomendation for roving

    Agree with this, plus I detest fishing under a static brolly. I do use one of the fortis brollys (basically a golf brolly) to cover me in heavy showers when roving otherwise will rely on waterproofs