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  1. Neil Smart

    Low Oxygen, and feeding.

    It is well understood that a low o2 level puts of fish, larger species especially from feeding. Not completely of course, but larger food items are difficult to digest due to decreased vigour in the fish metabolism. I recently was suffering a biteless few hours using the conventional pellet...
  2. Neil Smart

    If you....

    could only to save one fishing rod that a fire was about to engulf your entire tackle collection😭 what would you choose? Mine would be the old Drennan Tench . Not only is it a beautiful rod it would cover a wide variety of species to fish for.
  3. Neil Smart

    Downstream rod

    I very rarely use more than one rod when Barbel fishing, however I get the fact that two baits in or possibly three will increase your chances..But it seems to me that more often than not the downstream rod is the one that gets more attention. Really interested in what others think.
  4. Neil Smart

    Advice on a medium feeder, winklepicker, light Avon type rod. Rivers.

    Looking to purchase as above, but not a fan of multiple push in quivers, so a old donkey type set up would be great. Something that would be good for smaller species and up to Chub? I have due to age.... a stack of rods including some old JW's Avons, and the original green blank model I have dug...
  5. Neil Smart

    Blanks... of the rod variety

    I was going through the merits of my assortments of rods, mostly of the Barbel variety, some horrible things, some not so, all to do with fashion, marketing or just plain old reccomendations by others. Perhaps the most delightful rods I own are the Torrix 1.75 11 foot, and the superb Dave Mason...
  6. Neil Smart

    The 'slap" of a big fat feeder.

    There is a school of thought that continuous casting of a feeder can be counter productive and scare Barbel off.with the noise it makes on entry. I witnessed an extraordinary session the other evening when every fish and its dog were fighting for the feed on entry, the usual bleak shimmer, but...
  7. Neil Smart

    Chris Packham

    If anyone hasn't seen the Walks that saved my life, on BBC please check it out. It gives a tremendous insight into this man, his love of nature, his battles with mental health, his obsessive love of dogs, well Poodles really. All filmed alongside the beautiful Itchen, well done Beeb totally...
  8. Neil Smart

    Its four in the morning..

    Wasn't that a Beatles line? Anyway, finding it difficult to sleep with the dawn chorus full of chirpy neighbours, one of the delights in living so close to fields and woodland. Not complaining really, but with time on my hands I look at the BFW site, and yep, just like every new dawn, there is...
  9. Neil Smart

    Can't see river reports

    As per title I am unable to view these reports, says not 'enough priveleges ' I appreciate I haven't contributed much of late on there, but I am trying.. 🤔
  10. Neil Smart

    Ads ruining the BFW experience.

    Again this problem is becoming just too much to cope with. Pop up's on top and bottom of every page, and now in the middle of every page. And they won't delete.
  11. Neil Smart


    Never really gone away, still pockets of resistance.🤨
  12. Neil Smart

    On my doorstep...

    I was looking through some past episodes of Monster Fish on BT player last night. Very good too, the presenter seemed a good and considerate angler, his main goal was to catch a monster fish. He fished a variety of Rivers and lakes and did indeed catch a few big fish. One of my non fishing sons...
  13. Neil Smart

    Priceless tackle?

    So Bob Gill wouldn't sell his custom spinning rod to Rob, and I commented that everything has a price....only for Graham to say it doesn't. Got me thinking, is there anything in your tackle collection you just would not sale, at any price? Mine is the Dave Mason Barbel Rod.
  14. Neil Smart

    Sooo what did Santa bring you?

    Me? all I had was a pair of slippers, I am afraid Christmas was a bit of a non event as one of our 'boys' is in Hospital with a contagious bug, so me and the missus have been in self imposed isolation...which for the first time in many a year it was just the two of us...actually it was quite...
  15. Neil Smart

    Fry and this weather.

    Well at least if most have us have downed tools for a bit, we can take some consolation from the number of fry there are in our Rivers at the moment. I live near a little River (Swillgate) in Tewkesbury, every day the dogs have a swim in this River, and occasionally I can see the fry, the other...
  16. Neil Smart

    Drennan Specimen Extending Handle

    For any experts on this handle and are aware of the problems that can be had with 'locking' up or worse not locking up and can fix... look away. I had a problem with mine last Monday, damn thing wouldn't slacken off no matter how hard I tried... didn't really matter but if I was on a Lower...
  17. Neil Smart


    Yes you know, no need to fill in the dots. Thought I would post a heads up for all you Passion lovers out there, I have just bought on Ebay a copy of this book for just £ 2.80... it has been heavily discounted. . I already have a copy but it would make a great keep sake of perhaps a gift for...
  18. Neil Smart

    How much?

    I have contacted a lady who is disposing of some fishing tackle for a neighbour. Rather sad really in the chap has become a victim of mental illness and will not get better. So amongst what is left, are two 8000 Shimano Aero's in very good order no spare spool no box etc, two Wychwood Specimen...
  19. Neil Smart


    At last!! This very good series is shining a light on the Barbel. Showing now Sunday 19/11...just seen the first bit, and it is on location at Kings Weir highlighting spawning problems. More to come later in the programme. And now a feature on our angling mates, the Kingfisher...:)
  20. Neil Smart

    West Country Baits

    Just wondered if anyone have used their products and can offer any feedback? My local tackle dealer (Bankside) do sell there range but always seem to be sold out, but that is mainly carpy baits. WCB do a range of Elips pellets, (Bankside dont stock) up to 10mm, other sizes are 2mm and 6mm, do...