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  1. Andrew Richardson

    Wanted stainless steel spreader block

    After a spare spreader block if anyone's got 1 kicking about similar. Holes are 8mm
  2. Andrew Richardson

    Barbel migration

    Interesting read. "Recent studies reveal startling truths about the movements of barbel and other coarse species in rivers | News | Angling Times" https://www.anglingtimes.co.uk/amp/news/stories/recent-studies-reveal-startling-truths-about-the-movements-of-barbel-and-other-coarse-species-in-rivers/
  3. Andrew Richardson

    Braid change

    Not seen one for a while, so thought I'd have a revisit of an old friend. The good old braid thread. I'm about due a braid swap so wondered if there was anything new out there on the market worth looking at? Or even a braid alternative? Be used on the Trent mainly.
  4. Andrew Richardson

    Wanted, shakespeare lincoln rolling pin

    As the title says.
  5. Andrew Richardson

    Illegal closed season fishing

    Anybody know how to put some kind of counter on here for closed season fishing?...... Walked a mile section of the Don today and seen and told SEVEN today. Either shrugged shoulders or said they were fishing worm. More than likely no rod license either
  6. Andrew Richardson

    Nottinham piscatorial society

    Hi, any members on here? I'm after someone to second for the club as they've now changed the rules for being on the waiting list. I'm a fine upstanding citizen so there's no worries there. If anyone would be kind enough to propose me I'd be more than welcome to meet for a chat or a pint as and...
  7. Andrew Richardson

    Northumbland or any beach fishing?

    Hi all. I'm off to northumberland next week with the kids and was wondering if it's worth taking a telescopic rod and a few bits and bobs to fish of the beach. Was thinking possibly spinners and lures but not really sure, any info would be appreciated
  8. Andrew Richardson

    Anybody stopped fishing?

    Just wondered if anyone had stopped fishing because of low oxygen levels in the rivers. There's a link on the middle Trent page about reports of a lot of barbel being seen belly up. I think I'm going to leave it until the rivers have had some rain.
  9. Andrew Richardson

    Abu premier 706

    Anybody know owt about these reels. The drag button won't turn and I can't seem to get the handle off. I've popped the covering disc out and removed the little springy type thing and the brass reverse thread screw....now I'm stuck. Any help would be good
  10. Andrew Richardson

    What to do?

    Right I'm determined to go fishing Thursday as I haven't been for about 4 weeks and can't go for another 2 week. But where to go is my question to you. My options are.... A. Middle Trent which is about 3 to 4ft up at the moment and will probably start dropping tomorrow (wednesday). Hopefully...
  11. Andrew Richardson

    big river reels under £100

    hi all im after a couple of new big river reels so if anybodys got any input it would be much appreciated. ive had a look at the penn slammers and they look the favorites at the moment.
  12. Andrew Richardson


    hi all. I was chatting to an old bloke the other day about fishing on the trent and he mentioned that if the wind was blowing up river it knocked the fish right of the feed! This was a new one on me and i was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts on the matter
  13. Andrew Richardson

    any help on winter flood fishing on river trent?

    as the title says! I really seem to be struggling on the trent in the winter floods. Ive tried all sorts of swims and baits but to no avail so any advice would be most appreciated.
  14. Andrew Richardson

    boots for muddy banks

    anybody got any boots that are good on steep muddy banks. its getting to that time of year.
  15. Andrew Richardson

    Storm kettle

    Hi everyone I've just bought a storm kettle thinking it would save me a bit of weight in the ruck sack instead of the flask and then realised I would have to take water with me which defeats the object. So the question is can we use river water in the kettle?. Good luck for the new season everyone
  16. Andrew Richardson


    hi im joining drac this season and wondered if anyone fancies showing me round there river fisheries and car parks ect. I,ve never fished or even been to this area of the trent so could do with a few pointers if anybodys willing
  17. Andrew Richardson

    penn slammer liveliner cheap

    Askari fishing have got these reels at 71 quid and if you spend over 100 quid you get 20 quid off. Can't go wrong if you buy 2 61 quid each for a near bullet proof reel.
  18. Andrew Richardson

    winter barbel fishing on middle & tidal trent

    hi wondering if anybodys got any tips on fishing trent in winter ie river levels ,water tempreture, baits, tidal or middle trent what type of swims ect ect
  19. Andrew Richardson

    best landing net handle

    hi all, am looking for a new landing net handle as mines about caput. i do a bit of carp fishing aswell so need it to cover carp and river. been looking at the drennan super specialist twist lock any advise welcome cheers
  20. Andrew Richardson

    Season ticket for trent, derwent, soar ect

    Hi I've been looking at getting a couple of books for next year on trent ect. Long eaton Victoria and derby railway look decent to me but haven't fished any of these waters before. If anybody's got any info on these or any better books to get I could do with the advice cheers