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  1. Darren Hawen

    Wanted spare spools x2 for 6000 OC's

    As per title, if anyone has any they'd like to re-home then please let me know. Cheers
  2. Darren Hawen

    Bob Gill built Harrison Torrix 2lb tc 11' twin tip avon/quiver**No longer for sale**

    As per title, I bought this rarity from Bob around 6 years ago and is in excellent used condition. Fuji K series rings. The rod has an ultra matt finish with - Cobalt blue whipping with metallic blue tracer. Fuji vss reel seat with wind down fore grip. Cork handle with flattened section...
  3. Darren Hawen

    Hardy Marksman Specimen Avon 11' 6 **sold**

    **Sold pending the usual** Reluctantly selling this modern classic as it just doesn't get used anymore. Top quality rod in excellent used condition with original Cordura tube, bag and spigot all present. A great small to medium river rod with a tremendous action and bags of power. Looking...
  4. Darren Hawen

    Keeper rings

    Does anyone remember posts (can't seem to find them) from a few years back about those awesome folding alloy keeper rings, possibly from Japan? They use 2 'O' rings to attach to the rod so are transferable, I've had one previously but no idea where it is or where I got it from and could really...
  5. Darren Hawen

    Question for Chimera 3 owners

    Interested to know which reels you are using with these rods? Cheers
  6. Darren Hawen

    Dave Bone custom rod builder

    Shout out and credit to this guy, I'd kept him in mind for a build as he was mentioned on here a couple of years back, GE I think. Had a couple of Chimera 3's made up by Dave last autumn, asked for his standard build plus keeper rings plus sight tips. Really happy with the rods, excellent...
  7. Darren Hawen

    Black pepper spam

    Heads up that B&M are doing a run on black pepper spam and seems to be widely available. No sign of the mighty garlic version unfortunately...
  8. Darren Hawen

    Safe on the bank?

    I read this morning about a hopefully extremely rare incident where an angler was verbally harassed and then had his car set alight. The incident happened on a fenced and gated lake but from many of the comments the fencing has been inadequate for some time and highlighted to the club. Can’t...
  9. Darren Hawen

    What are your targets for the new season?

    Thankfully the start of the season is just round the corner so would be good to see some targets and goals that you’re aiming for this year! I’ve got a few on the wish list for the season so I’ll get it started - PB Chub so anything over 6.13 A Thames PRB, a 12lb plus fish would do it for me...
  10. Darren Hawen

    Ray Walton Rolling Pin

    Black edition of the Rolling pin in fantastic condition for sale. It's just been serviced by Mill Tackle with an oversized pin fitted to the reel seat to negate any movement. Spins effortlessly with zero wobble. No box but comes with original pouch. I've had some big Kennet barbel on this reel...
  11. Darren Hawen

    DEFRA court action

    Pinched the link from a Ray Walton FB post.. https://www.pollutionsolutions-online.com/news/water-wastewater/17/breaking-news/why-is-defra-facing-court-action/54688?fbclid=IwAR36HkobZC9ChQNImjMCytzQnQdu5Yf8vzV8K4fE96bCn4pImnawXISItF8
  12. Darren Hawen

    Hefty fine for Thames water..

  13. Darren Hawen

    Moving some rods on

    Having a clear out of some rods, will go on eBay later this month but thought I’d put them on here first to see if anyone is interested. **SOLD**..Drennan series 7 Avon/Quiver - 12’ & 1 1/4 TC. Has all original quiver tips and overall excellent condition. **SOLD**..Drennan Martin Bowler big...
  14. Darren Hawen

    Free fishing, how to find it..

    Looking at options for the new season and I’m trying to investigate some free fishing options on some local rivers. Aside from spending 70 quid searching for riparian owners in a particular area (bit steep that!) can anyone offer any thoughts on alternative means of gaining this detail? Any...
  15. Darren Hawen

    Record Barbel

    Angling times are reporting that a 21lb 2oz Barbel has been verified as a record. Which river I wonder?
  16. Darren Hawen

    The North Face 20% off

    Might be of use to someone.. https://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com/c/campaigns/offers/the-north-face-offers.html
  17. Darren Hawen

    Betalight/isotope alternative

    Is there a viable alternative about? Had a look around online for tape/paint but seems it needs activating before it’s effective. My line wrapped around my Drennan isotope yesterday evening, it was dark, in heavy rain so didn’t twig I had a wrap. Is there a better option out there? Maybe a...
  18. Darren Hawen

    Shimano spool wanted

    Does anyone have a spool they’d like to part with for a Shimano 5000 XTEA?
  19. Darren Hawen

    Comizo barbel

    Hi all and a very happy new year. Just wondering if anyone on the forum has had a go for Comizo barbel at all? Can glean some info from online searches but would prefer to hear about first hand experiences that anyone has had? Thanks, Darren
  20. Darren Hawen

    Grubbing around in the dark

    Hi chaps, fished earlier this week and blanked on a new stretch of the Kennet to me that was low and clear. I fished afternoon into dark for a few hours and really wished that I’d taken along a few pints of maggots given the conditions. And being biteless, as it does, gets you thinking...