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  1. Tony Stone

    Barbel In north wales??

    Evening, does anyone know which River this is? It’s in North Wales, running past Snowdonia. Off on our summer hold on Saturday near here and wondered if there were any course fish in the river? Hoping there might be pike or barbel there so I might have a few hours one evening. I’m staying...
  2. Tony Stone

    Hook choice???

    Im curious as to which hook patterns you guys use and why? I have always used Korda Wide gape hooks, but think im going to change to a straight point hook this season, something like the Korum Specimen hooks or Drennan Barbel hooks.
  3. Tony Stone

    Reel Opinions

    My missus bought me a Korum Opportunist 8ft 2lb rod so im looking for a reel to couple with it. Dont really want to spend more than £50 if I can help it. Must be front drag. Been looking at the Shimano 4000 ST FB and the Korum Zelos 4000 - Anyone used either of these? Any other...
  4. Tony Stone

    Lucksall Park, Herefordshire

    Whilst looking for areas to Christen my new camper van, I have discovered Lucksall holiday park on the banks of the River Wye, anyone fished here?
  5. Tony Stone

    Vehicle access.

    I have just bought a VW camper van and want to plan a few weekend trips with me, my missus and the dog. Would ideally like some places where I can park up and fish out of the van, its going to more about my and the missus just being away, but ideally I want to catch some barbel too. Any...
  6. Tony Stone

    Hooklength choice??

    How do you begin to choose what hooklength choice is right? By that I mean hooklength material - Mono, flouro, braid, coated braid? I never seem to know what to use, I have tried all of them but as my catch rate is so low I’m always unsure what to change. I’m fishing the Thames and Hampshire...
  7. Tony Stone

    length of hooklengths?

    I've been thinking more and more about my approach to the River Thames for this year, probably overthinking it if I'm honest!! I have always used long hooklengths, as is traditional for barbel fishing, but I got thinking about the amount of barbel that are caught by carp anglers on shorter...
  8. Tony Stone

    Blogs / Diarys

    Anyone else enjoy reading other Anglers online diarys / blog posts? Any recommendations?
  9. Tony Stone

    Halibut pellets

    Morning all, Has anyone used these baits?? Starter baits? Is the quality any good. Looking to buy a bulk bag of pellet as it’s obviously cheaper this one works out about £2.23 a kg
  10. Tony Stone

    New baits...

    Received some new Baits that I had ordered yesterday... Anyone used them? Had any success?
  11. Tony Stone

    2 x mint condition jw youngs barbel rods

    2 x Mint conditioned (used once) JW youngs barbel rods These are twin tip rods, 2lb tc and a 3oz quiver section too Description taken from JW Youngs website - J.W Young Barbel 12'0 A specialist big barbel rod consisting of a butt and two top sections- one, a standard tip with a 2lb...
  12. Tony Stone

    korum neoteric rods for sale

    I have for sale a pair of Korum Neoteric barbel rods, these are the original rods, and in my opinion brilliant rods. I love them, but needs must so im selling them. They have 1.75lb and 2.2lb tc tips with each rod. The 1.75lb tips have drennan starlights shrink wrapped to the end, which...
  13. Tony Stone

    dvds for sale

    barbel days and ways parts 1-4 £40 chilly on carp series £10
  14. Tony Stone

    esp stripteaze fs or swap

    I have a spool of esp stripteaze in weed green 15lb. Looking to sell for 7pounds or swap for the same in brown in 12 or 15lb
  15. Tony Stone

    few bits for sale

    Had a bit of a clear out in my bag today, and found a few bits i dont use anymore Fox barbel braid 10lb, 25mtr, used about 3mtrs so still plenty left, 5 quid posted Fox mask coated braid, 15lb, 20mtr spool, not much used maybe a mtr or so, 5 quid posted Solar bobbin...
  16. Tony Stone

    shimano float / feeder reel for sale

    As title Shimano dx 4000 reel.for sale £12 posted
  17. Tony Stone

    pike rods, stainless sticks, snag bars

    I have the following for sale - 2 x fox pike deadbait rods, very good condition, 12ft 2.75lbtc, £70 collected 3 x stainless bank sticks - £13 posted or collected pair of black fox 2 rod snag bars - £10 collected or posted im located in headley down, hampshire, but I work at...
  18. Tony Stone

    reel swap

    Looking to swap my shimano 5000 re bait runners with double handles and spare spools for a pair of Fox stratos 7000 with spare spools if poss They are going for very similar money on fleabay, so looking for a straight swap if possible. Anyone interested??