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    Dedicated Chub Rod

    Daiwa Theory 1.5tc my go to chub rod.
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    Photos of river scenes

    Not a patch on your pic Dave but I took this on the Royalty today
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    And that's the rub. I'm a member of three. BAA which is £40, the other two both cost me circa £200 each
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    Chicken Poo

    Watching Country File this evening and they are saying there is something of a crisis in agriculture currently due to the prices of fertiliser rocketing (Russia being one of the major producers). One enterprising farm who has several thousand chickens is using chicken muck instead. Looks like...
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    Braided mainline recommendations please

    My apologies for revisiting an old post but further to the above post, may I ask Graham do you use SS8 V2 (30lb BS) for the mainline and hook link?
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    What are your targets for the new season?

    Failed on both accounts. Best roach 1lb 6oz best chub 6lb 4oz. In mitigation, I did get somewhat sidetracked by the Avon this year with a 7lb chub and a best roach of 1lb 12oz
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    What are your targets for the new season?

    Maybe time to revisit this thread to celebrate success or commiserate with failure. My personal update to follow
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    Chub in the winter

    I've been doing a few after dark sessions on Throop lately, arriving at 7.30pm and fishing till 9.30pm. Plenty of action with a best of 6.04 (below). Thursday I thought I would get there earlier just to see how I got on. Between 3.30 and 6pm I had 6 chub but bizarrely never had a bite after...
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    Chris Packham

    Always thought that was the most aptly named programme in the history of television - Pointless Celebrities
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    Your first barbel photo

    Yeah, I have a feeling that with the increased pressure above the bridge in the last few years a few of those tidal barbs have dropped down a bit lower. I keep meaning to try and find the time to find out but keep getting distracted by other piscatorial intereststs. - ever the case.
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    Your first barbel photo

    Dream come true that Neil - getting paid to go fishing! I wonder if the barbel still frequent that area particularly the deeper water from the caravan park down through to MEXE? I'm not aware of anybody putting any time in down there although I did hear of a barbel from opposite the caravan...
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    Your first barbel photo

    The barbel above was actually my 3rd barbel. I was fishing at Iford for bits when an angler turned up, set up and cast out in front of some reeds on the opposite bank. He had two or three barbel and left. I never saw that angler there again (although it was my local haunt) and I think the...
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    Your first barbel photo

    6lb 13oz Dorset Stour Iford Sept 1988 (sorry its a bit wishy washy)
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    Photos of river scenes

    Hants Avon
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    Habitat destruction

    @Ray Walton
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    Photos of river scenes

    Hampshire Avon
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    Waterproof Recommendations

    I've just switched to the Pro logic and I'm very happy. I had been using the Korum previously but the shear weight of that suit was becoming a burden.
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    Vintage magazine article

    Would love to know how he did.
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    Thanks Dave, I had a fabulous week, really enjoyed it and it exceeded my expectations. Enjoyed it so much I will be heading back next year - this time to try a stretch of the 7 recommended by Steve Hodges
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    Whats your PB?

    A-ha! I know where that must be then..🤣