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  1. J

    How much 'good' line

    Going to be putting some new line on my reels for the upcoming season and rather than filling them entirely with the good new line, I'll be using some old stuff for backing. Given that 90% of my fishing is on the Trent and I'm not casting to the moon, how much good line would you have on the...
  2. J

    Wanted - Shimano 6000 OCs

    Now that I've managed to source a couple of Powermesh Barbel rods, I need some reels to pair with them. Has anybody got a couple of Shimano 6000 OC they're looking to re-home? Thanks
  3. J

    Wanted - Powermesh Specialist Barbel 2.75

    Hi I'm after a pair of these rods, if you're thinking about selling some please let me have first dibs Based in Newark but happy to travel to collect Thanks
  4. J

    New reels - Okuma Aventa or Daiwa Emcast BR

    I'm hopefully going to get a couple of the Daiwa Powermesh Barbel 2.75 rods soon, so perfect excuse to get some new reels to go with them. Currently using Shimano 6000 baitrunners and whilst there's nothing wrong I just fancy trying something different. Looking online both the Okuma Aventa...
  5. J

    Fox Horizon X4 or Daiwa Powermesh?

    I only really fish the Trent and to date I've been using a couple of old carp rods but feel I now need to treat myself to a nice pair of matching rods. Both the Fox Horizon X4 Barbel and Daiwa Powermesh Barbel in 2.75lb TC seem well respected but has anybody compared them side by side and...
  6. J

    Hooklink material for the Trent

    Guys and girls, I've lost 3 fish recently on the Trent due to line breakages, presumably due to all the rocks where I fish! Up to now I've been using Daiwa Sensor in 12lb for the mainline and 8lb for the hooklink but have had breakages in both. I've now switched out the mainline for 15lb ESP...