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  1. Gary Cream

    1992 electro fishing video at Kings Weir.

    Found this on another website and thought you guys may be interested in looking at it kings weir being electro fished 1992 some of you may even be in the video certainly some nice fish in their then http://youtu.be/u3VQ-IKECYg
  2. Gary Cream

    Holiday Home :) Flat on Royalty for Sale

    Was looking around christchurch for property and found this I didnt realise you could actually buy a part of this building........fantastic view Im sure a few of you guys on here can afford it.............when you buy it a weeks stay as a finders fee would be much appreciated :) 3 bedroom...
  3. Gary Cream

    Rdaa permit help

    looking for a bit of help does anyone know if you can buy this from a tackle shop as was looking to get one quickly or does anyone know if you buy online you can fish straight away thanks gary
  4. Gary Cream

    help please with old website data

    hello everyone first post on new site for me although spoke to many of you before on old site i dont really know all your real names on this one anyway i just wondered if anyone knew where the link was to get back on old site as i want to transfer my pics and profile and save some of the...