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    Waterproof Recommendations

    Pro logic suit, cami, warm and very waterproof, all for around £130
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    Club Tickets.

    Four for me Blunham AC. Rivers & Stillwater Darlington AC. River & Stillwater Midlands AC. River Trent Offord & Buckden Angling Society. River & adjoins lake
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    Trent help

    Only fished once so plenty of time to try all the areas. Not sure where the memorial is.
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    Trent help

    A lot of day tickets don’t allow for night fishing, I bought a season ticket from Midland Angling Society, cost £35 and allows night fishing and 48 hour sessions. 140 pitches just downriver from Gunthorpe at Hoveringham. Bargain!
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    Light shelter / brolly

    Fox Easy shelter plus, 8 pegs, removable front and you can get a bed chair in for an overnight. Only problem I have is you do get a bit of condensation and there is no ground sheet. Plus side, very easy to put up and take down.
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    Light Carp Rods For Barbel?

    I'll be using my 2.75 carp rods with bite alarms. Using baitrunner reels, any take will be shown by the alarms and don't have to worry about the rod not being sensitive. My Daiwa Castism 60g will not be strong enough for the Trent.
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    Deeper pro +

    I just use my iPad and sit it in my chair. With the large screen, it’s easy to see and I’ve more space for recording. Mine is tied on 80lb braid, might consider the wire trace now though!