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  1. Steve Roffey

    Your first barbel photo

    August 1963, Mole outside Hampton Court.
  2. Steve Roffey

    Flask recs please

    Just back from 2 weeks in Tenerife and there was hot chocolate on tap every morning at breakfast, it was so thick the spoon almost stood up in it, YUM!
  3. Steve Roffey

    GR60 Line

    Never tried anything but Big Game in 10 and 12lb rating, luckily I still have bulk spools that I bought in Florida back in 2019, will hopefully top my stocks up again next year. For lighter lines I use 8lb Sensor, find that too springy in the higher diameters.
  4. Steve Roffey

    Rivers I have fished

    Used to fish it back in the 60's, before the horrid flood prevention measures destroyed it, many happy memories of that little river!
  5. Steve Roffey

    Rivers I have fished

    Bollin Dane Wincham Brook Weaver Alyn Dee Ribble Dove Bristol Avon Severn Vrynwy Wye Hants Avon Stour Thames Mole Wey Kennet Exe Wharfe Nidd Swale Cauvery (India)
  6. Steve Roffey

    Club Tickets.

    Three for me, it was four last year but I dropped Lymm AC as I wasn't fishing their waters.
  7. Steve Roffey

    It could happen to any of us

    Yes Terry, my first set were the cheap ones, fell apart after a few uses. My current ones are much more robust, the cleaning is essential, both for grip, and to lighten the load!
  8. Steve Roffey

    It could happen to any of us

    I agree with Neil, I've always used a dog spike and rope over the years but the last couple of winters I've fitted crampons over my boots too, makes a tremendous difference!
  9. Steve Roffey

    Gone Fishing is back

    I'm forced to watch it because my wife enjoys it, I wish we could have a proper fishing programme though! The only thing that could be more irritating would be if Les Dennis were to make a guest appearance, at least he would make Bob look good!
  10. Steve Roffey

    Selling Rod Online

    I've recently sold a few 12' rods and used UPS to deliver them, cost £35.60 including insurance for each delivery. No problems apart from not knowing when they would be collected, all UPS say is that it will be between 09.00-18.00.
  11. Steve Roffey

    Drennan Specialist Barbel 12' - SOLD

    This is the original, before Drennan added the Martin Bowler name to it. Very good lightly used condition, complete with the original zipped rod sleeve. Looking for £80 collected, been quoted £30 to ship it!
  12. Steve Roffey

    Carbotec fly rod

    Interesting that the description says two-piece, BUT the pictures are of a three-piece rod?
  13. Steve Roffey

    Fishing officially permitted

    For me it won't make any difference, my nearest "local" river happens to be in Wales, travelling to the Severn at Shrewsbury is 25 miles, which I consider to be beyond the intent of the lockdown rules and my local canal towpath is so full of walkers, etc that it's not Covid safe!
  14. Steve Roffey

    Wishing you all a Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  15. Steve Roffey

    Avon/quiver twin top rods

    I have a pair of the Darent Valley rods, also one of their 0.75TC specialist, all excellent value rods and quite capable of punching "above their weight". I've had tench and barbel to just under 8lbs on the Avons, also 6lb barbel and 9lb pike on the lighter rod without feeling undergunned.
  16. Steve Roffey

    Muck boots

    This one, just remember to store it in the freezer, yes, I mean freezer...
  17. Steve Roffey

    Muck boots

    Stormsure is what you need, stuck a loose sole back on one of my Muckboots 3 winters back and still going strong! Must agree about the lining wearing quickly but still think they are excellent boots, much better than any others I've had.
  18. Steve Roffey

    Float rod and reel recommendations

    I have 2 rods that I'm happy to use for barbel float fishing, a Greys Prodigy TXL in 13' and a Preston Innovations Excel in 15', both happy coupled with 8lb line and either a medium fixed spool or a centrepin depending on the swim and length of cast required.
  19. Steve Roffey

    Club Memberships...how many?

    Four for me, one of which has been a total waste this year as I only have it for the tench fishing! One of the others is likely to go next year as I can't find the time to fish all the waters i have access to.