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  1. Steve Roffey

    Drennan Specialist Barbel 12' - SOLD

    This is the original, before Drennan added the Martin Bowler name to it. Very good lightly used condition, complete with the original zipped rod sleeve. Looking for £80 collected, been quoted £30 to ship it!
  2. Steve Roffey

    Best hemp?

    Just run out of my last sack and noticed Maltbys offering 25kg at a good price, anyone comment on the quality of their seed. Had some from GW Titmuss once before that was very poor so don't want to risk another bad batch that won't split
  3. Steve Roffey

    Nuevo Vallarta

    Anyone got any tips for fishing charters here? I'll be there for two weeks in December and would like to try for rooster and AJ's.
  4. Steve Roffey

    Early tench

    I've been having a hard time on the rivers recently so decided to have a lazy day letting the Delks do the work yesterday. The lazy day got busy as the sun warmed the (relatively shallow) water I was fishing, ended the day with 8 tench with the best being a male of 6.14, happy Valentine's Day to me!
  5. Steve Roffey

    Tench 2016 - 2018 and counting ......

    Kicked off this year's tench campaign on Thursday with a 13.14 mirror on maggot feeder! Stuck to my guns and got my first tench of the year shortly after, a male about 4lbs, then as I was packing away the last rod left in got me this nice fish of 6.13 to complete the day!
  6. Steve Roffey

    Fox customer service

    Anyone had experience with the above? I have a Fox Duo-Lite twin tip, the 1.75 tip has snapped and no answer after I e-mailed Fox customer service. Rod was new last Christmas but I don't have receipt, or know where it was purchased so can't go to a shop to progress it for me.
  7. Steve Roffey

    Energiser headlight

    Does anyone know if the Energiser lamp with the 2 white + 1 red LED is still available? The switch on mine has broken off and while I've managed to glue it back for now I'd like to get another lamp as backup. Tried online search but can only find the versions with 3 white LED's or the all...
  8. Steve Roffey

    Garlic Spam at B&M

    Spotted in my local store at £1.29/tin. Get it while you can!
  9. Steve Roffey

    Reel thoughts?

    My Shimano 5010's are getting on a bit and I'm considering replacing them with a pair of the XT4000FA baitrunners. Anyone got any experience with these?, or any other reel in that sort of price bracket that would be worth considering, must be a front drag. I already have a pair of 3500B's but...
  10. Steve Roffey

    Which rings?

    Due to cracked/missing liners on the rod rings of my 1.75 Prodigy butt section I need to replace them, anyone know which rings Greys use on these rods so I can order some?
  11. Steve Roffey

    Old rod identity

    I'm just stripping down an old traditional 3-piece Avon rod to replace the rusty rings and rewhip it. Under the whipping above the handle I have found a gold label with the following on it:- J. W. SOU..WELL Fishing Tac............... 36 Station Road .........................6210 Unfortunately...
  12. Steve Roffey


    Anyone got a spare carrier section for a 12' Prodigy 1.75? Cracked mine on Tuesday and I don't consider it worthwhile to spend the £40 that Greys want nowadays as I rarely use the quiver section.
  13. Steve Roffey

    River levels

    Anyone know what's up with this site? http://www.fishing.visitwales.co.uk/fisheries/riverlevels/default.aspx?ID=801 For the last couple of days I've not been able to get any charts to come up, get a message "collecting chart data" for a few seconds then a blank space! Any other sites that...