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  1. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Flask recs please

    https://thermos.co.uk/light-and-compact-flask1l fantastic flask. only 1lt but you can buy a .5lt to
  2. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Korum S23 Chair

    Is anyone on here using the Korum S23 Chair?. I've just had a look at one in go out doors but can,t quite make my mind up and at £107 I want to be as sure as possible that it'll do the job.. Are they good on sloping river banks for instance. It does seem a bit bulky but not to heavy.. Any input...
  3. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Best 12ft low water/small barbel rod?

    Free spirit Barbel Seeker. I have the 12ft 1.75tc but had it custom made . Only two things different to off the rack. I had a shorter handle (free spirit rods are about 20inches from reel stem to end of but) mine is only 16inches and a hook keeper whipped on. the long handle may make it easier...
  4. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Slipping chair and/or bedchair legs - any solutions/fixes?

    I've just stripped down and refitted the spring and locking plate on my Chub hi-lite chair and it is just a case of slipping the spring and plate out of the plastic holder and they do just slip straight back in
  5. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Slipping chair and/or bedchair legs - any solutions/fixes?

    The spring & plate make it sound just like my chair.. It is easy to take it apart and refit,, I've just received two new lengths of tube to replace the front legs on my chair which is a job I'll be doing on Sunday morning so if I remember I'll take pictures and post them on here for you.
  6. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Slipping chair and/or bedchair legs - any solutions/fixes?

    This is what I've done to 3 chairs and its worked fine every time.. I have more weight than I should have to test them out to so need to repeat the task occasionally
  7. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Walkers of Trowell

    If ever I need a bit of special gear like rods or reels or something out of the ordinary I always drive up to Walkers. Its only about 40 minuets away.
  8. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Club Tickets.

    The soar has had several re stocks of barbel over the past few years. I rarely if ever fish the Sutton and normanton stretches as I much prefer the natural river. I've not fished for barbel on the soar for at least 10 years although I have caught barbel whilst chub fishing biggest going 13lb...
  9. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Club Tickets.

    7 For me but will be dropping Scunthorpe amal next season Burton Mutual Derby Railway Scunthorpe Amal Pride of Derby Derbyshire County Loughborough soar Small private stretch of Soar
  10. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Let's discuss mainline...

    https://www.pallatrax.co.uk/product/gamma-co-polymer-fishing-line-ultra-clear/ A link to the pallatrax and gamma line. I said I used the 8lb and 10lb.. It seems its been relabelled and I use the 25mm & 28mm which comes out at 13lb and 15lb.. As you can see very low diameter for strength.. BFW...
  11. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Let's discuss mainline...

    Gamma Copolymer in 8lb small to medium rivers and 10lb bigger rivers. Been using it for must be 10 years now with no problem at all. My last load I got straight from the US. Pallatrax are as far as I know the only UK stockist if they do still stock it??.
  12. Stephen Scaysbrook


  13. Stephen Scaysbrook


    Yes I'm Still interested Anthony. Please let me know your prices and postal options. Almost 3 years to the day since I posted this so very surprised to receive an answer at this stage but thank you for messaging.
  14. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Rod Rest Angle adaptors

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265309971690?hash=item3dc5b4e4ea:g:bxIAAOSwQmheW3TK I use these and find them very good.. Nice price to
  15. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Sticky baits ellipse pellets

    I use two super glued together. I actually chose the Sticky ones over the sonu bait ones I thought how simular they were to the Hinders ones.. My local shop had both sonu & Sticky at the time. I just use the sticky now.
  16. Stephen Scaysbrook


    I need a new light chair but also need some height to the seat because of my dodgy knees these days. I've got a chub Hi-Lite at the moment which I've has for a lot of years but it has seen its best days now. Can anyone recommend a High light chair. I've had a look at the Korum one but with my...
  17. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Advice Needed - Custom Rods

    As a couple of people have said.. Have a look at the free spirit range before you make your mind up.. The Barbel Seeker is a fantastic rod.. I had one built about 4 years ago by Roger Hurst who builds most of the free spirit rods for the trade..
  18. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Premium clothing brands

    I've just this morning received a brand new Sundridge/daiwa igloo two piece suit from a company called https://www.fishingtackleandbait.co.uk/en/Daiwa-Igloo-2-Piece-Suit/m-36628.aspx And almost half price. I have a very old sundridge minus ten which after 15 plus years of great service is now...
  19. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Upper Trent Info

    The Ingleby stretch around the John Thompson pub is DRAC just above and below the DRAC stretch is Burton Mutual but then further down strean at Swarkstone its DRAC again both sides of the road bridge. Above the bridge Drac have a few pegs then back to burton but there is a clear sign so you...
  20. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Hooklength/ Hair- rig storage

    I use these . available in two sizes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gardner-Tackle-Rig-Bin-Carp-Coarse-Fishing-Rig-PIKE-TRACE-RIG-BIN-RIG/231442962248?hash=item35e3135748:g:uUUAAOSw2XFUgd5R