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  1. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Korum S23 Chair

    Is anyone on here using the Korum S23 Chair?. I've just had a look at one in go out doors but can,t quite make my mind up and at £107 I want to be as sure as possible that it'll do the job.. Are they good on sloping river banks for instance. It does seem a bit bulky but not to heavy.. Any input...
  2. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Trotting for Barbel

    I've never done float fishing for barbel on the trotting set up and just got to thinking. Do I need to have may bait (probably meat) dragging bottom?. If so how much line would be best to have dragging bottom.
  3. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Chair legs

    I need some replacement legs for a couple of fishing chairs . I use to have a web site where these could be bought from but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. Can anyone please help??? Thank you
  4. Stephen Scaysbrook

    New Chair

    My old Chub Hi-Lite chair has almost given up on me. I'm looking for something similar in height and weight. I cant go lower because of my knees .. Any suggestions please??.. I've looked on line at the new Korum ones and they do look good. any feed back on theses??. Thank you all
  5. Stephen Scaysbrook


    A top section for a Nash Barbel elite rod 1.75tc.. or full rod in 1.75tc or 2lb tc.. I know I.ve asked in the past but I want to keep trying.. Thanks
  6. Stephen Scaysbrook


    Nash Barbel Elite barbel rod 1.75tc 12ft or just a top section for the same rod. I've put this in the Classified but thought it might get more attention here. Hope this is OK? if not just delete
  7. Stephen Scaysbrook


    Nash Barbel Elite barbel rod 1.75tc 12ft or just a top section for the same rod.
  8. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Free spirit barbel rods

    I have an as new matching pair of free spirit spirit barbel rods. These are 12ft long with a test curve of 1.75lb and come with original velor sleeves . This is a collection only sale .. £220 cash on collection.. Can meet J23 J24 M1 Now Sold...
  9. Stephen Scaysbrook


    Hi People A long shot I know but does anyone have a 1.75tc top section for a Nash Barbel Elite rod that they may want to sell??
  10. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Float Rod For Barbel

    I have a greys Prodigy TX 12ft Specialist Float. Would this be OK for trotting for Barbel with main lines in the 7/8lb and hook links of 5/6lb breaking strains. Any other suggestions on rods and reels would be helpful. Ive never trotted for barbel before so all help very much appreciated. Thank...
  11. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Private message box

    My private message box is telling me its 92% full but I only have two messages in there. Can someone explain how to empty it please. Although I dont know what I'll empty only having two in there. Thanks Scaz
  12. Stephen Scaysbrook


    I'm after a Nash Dean Macey Avon quiver tip rod 12ft 1.25tc if any one has one there willing to part with. Or a matching pair of 12ft 1.25(or similar) rods of a decent make for perch fishing. I'm also after an Avon top for a Nash barbel elite 1.75tc. Let me know what you may have...
  13. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Chair Help

    I know I know. But I really do need help.. I'm useing a Chub Hi-Lite chair at the moment but looking for some thing more comfortable. I've been on the PC for over an hour but cant seem to find the information I need.. None of the site I've been on tell me how high the chair can go.. I need a...
  14. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Problem with this site

    Is anyone else having problems.. Every time Click on something on this site other pages from other web sites open. Have I been hacked or has BFW been hacked??. Anyone any idea how I can stop this happening.
  15. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Gamma line

    Does any one know where I can buy Gamma copolymer line. In the UK or any where else for that matter.
  16. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Main Line

    Hello everone and please forgive me. I know this has been done countless times BUT.. I had lots of trouble last night with my main line getting wrapped around my isotope . I'me spooled up with 12lb Daiwa Sensor Clear. Can any one recomend a more supple line clear line so as its less springy...
  17. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Head Torch

    Morning All. First let me just say sorry for a quetion that I know has been done before but I do need input. I'm after a Petzl head torch that has a white light and a red light and 60 or more lumans. I've found loads on there web site but most seem to have lot's of functions I just would not...
  18. Stephen Scaysbrook

    Paste Help

    Hello All I'm tryong to make paste from neat fishmeal but it's not binding well enough although I'm using eggs to mix it. Can any one tell me what I need to add to make it bind. I want to wrap it round my pellet hook bait and also make a small stringer but it won't stick to eaither the pellet...
  19. Stephen Scaysbrook

    The Source

    Evening All Does any one know of any one still selling the Source base mix or even if its still on sale.. I've done google but no success. Thanks for any help Scaz
  20. Stephen Scaysbrook


    Can any one tell me the name of the guiding service for the Trent' Dove and Derwent. I think its Three Rivers ??? Someting. I've tried the old Google but not come up with the answer. Thanks