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    Stroudwater Navigation / Thames Severn Canal

    Does anyone fish the above water? I was in the area yesterday with a light lure rod and had a little wander around the Stroud area. I had a handful of Perch to around 6oz and saw some nice sized Roach. The water was absolutely gin clear, possibly the clearest I've ever fished in, which obviously...
  2. K

    Fishing officially permitted

    The Angling Trust have just released a statement to the effect that the government have given authority for local angling to continue in this new lockdown. TFFT!!
  3. K

    Origin of the phrase...

    ...three foot twitch? I'm sat here at work, sober as a judge and for some reason, it occurred to me that someone, somewhere, somewhen, must have coined this phrase. Anyone know who?
  4. K

    Cost Effective Pike Lures

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend any decent Pike lures that don't cost the earth? I've tried numerous types off the net, but often they're utterly useless. Obviously I know you get what you pay for, but the big name brands do seem to take the mickey on price.
  5. K

    A Lack of Interest

    I haven't been fishing for months now, and to be honest, haven't really missed it. Bizarre really, because during the 2008/09 season, I enjoyed a really good spell after barbel on the Bristol Avon and had a lot of fun during the colder months after the silvers and pike. So what happened? Well...
  6. K

    Smidgen off topic - Tackle question

    My old man has recently come across an unusual old fixed spool reel. It's called a Pinet 536. Listed here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PINET-536-FIXED-SPOOL-REEL_W0QQitemZ320499003273QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_SportingGoods_FishingAcces_RL?hash=item4a9f3aaf89#ht_500wt_1182 Has anyone ever heard of this brand?