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  1. Andy Frances

    Welcome to a new Wye advertiser

    Welcome to our latest advertiser in the Barbel Accommodation guide. The Doves Nest have a new listing under the Wye section of the page that you can see here: https://barbel.co.uk/barbel-directory/barbel-accommodation/#wye Please mention BFW when booking with any of our advertisers :)
  2. Andy Frances

    New rod listed - Torrix 1.75lb in 11ft

    Hi all, We've sold a few stock rods recently so I've just listed a freshly build 11' Torrix in the BFW Shop.... https://barbel.co.uk/bfw-rods/ Cheers, Andy
  3. Andy Frances

    New River Records

    Hi all, I've just updated the river records list with two new records, one for the Yorkshire Derwent and one the Yorkshire Ouse: https://barbel.co.uk/rivers/barbel-river-records/ Cheers, Andy F
  4. Andy Frances

    Gone Fishing is back

    Hi all, I’ve just seen that Paul and Bob are back with a new series of the fantastic Gone Fishing, starting on Sunday evening at 8pm on BBC 2 😀 #andaway Cheers, Andy
  5. Andy Frances

    A few new products added to the BFW shop...

    Hi all, I've just added a few new products to the BFW Shop: https://barbel.co.uk/product/flurocarbon-for-barbel-fishing/ https://barbel.co.uk/product/gardner-rig-blades/ https://barbel.co.uk/product/gardner-point-doctor/ https://barbel.co.uk/product/front-rod-rest-head/...
  6. Andy Frances

    Split shot advice

    I haven't bought any new split shot for years and am just wondering if there's something that you guys use that doesn't damage the line too much? Is the modern stuff better that the old (but legal) stuff I'm using? Also, I'm sure I've seen somewhere on social media something that looks like a...
  7. Andy Frances

    WANTED - Feeder rod for tench fishing

    Hi there, Does anyone have a feeder rod they're selling that would be suitable for tench between 3 and 6lb? Thanks, Andy
  8. Andy Frances

    The Haven Fishery

    Hi all, I've recently finished a website refresh for long time friend/supporter of BFW, Richard, who runs the Haven on the Teme and also the stretch at Knightwick. Here's the new website: https://havenfishery.org.uk/ I love The Haven, I've spent some great weekends camping and fishing there...
  9. Andy Frances

    Spoppers in stock

    Hi all, I now have some medium Spoppers in stock, and more on order... https://barbel.co.uk/product/spopper/ Cheers, Andy
  10. Andy Frances

    Tench Fishing in the South West

    Hi, I'd love to find a new tench lake close to home (Chippenham, Wiltshire). I used to fish Great Sommerfords but this has been taken over and converted into a carp syndicate in recent years :rolleyes: Bowood is another favourite but they are currently full. Does anyone know of any options...
  11. Andy Frances

    New products in the BFW Shop

    Hi all, I've recently stocked a few new products in the BFW Shop: https://barbel.co.uk/product/gardner-atts-alarm-blue-led/ https://barbel.co.uk/product/v2-attx-receiver/ https://barbel.co.uk/product/gardner-point-doctor/ https://barbel.co.uk/product/peel-pull-stripper-tool/...
  12. Andy Frances

    Order for BFW merch

    Hi all, I'm putting in an order with our embroider for some BFW merchandise soon (hoody's etc). If anyone would like anything please order soon. https://barbel.co.uk/product-category/bfw-merchandise/ Cheers, Andy
  13. Andy Frances

    Records list updated

    Hi all, I've just updated the records list with a new record for the Worc Stour and one for the Mersey Tame. You can see the updated list here: https://barbel.co.uk/rivers/barbel-river-records/ Cheers, Andy
  14. Andy Frances

    New River Lea river record

    I’ve just updated the BFW river records list with an updated river Lea record at 17lb 12oz. You can see the updated list here: https://barbel.co.uk/rivers/barbel-river-records/ There’s a photo of the whopper on the homepage at the moment as well. Many congratulations to Stuart Biggs the...
  15. Andy Frances

    Great intro to barbel video

    I was sent this video by a mate as they give BFW a little plug. I've watched it all and think it's a great video in terms of content and production. I can imagine seeing these guys on BBC2 with their own show in a few years time!
  16. Andy Frances

    Online Maggots

    Hi all, Does anyone know of anywhere that does maggots/worms through the post? I've just paid through the nose on Willy Worms (£6 delivery!!) to find the bag of maggots split inside the box on arrival. Very poor aftersales service without even offering to refund postage so I won't be using...
  17. Andy Frances

    Multipurpose line recommendations

    Hi, I'm planning on fishing locally with my boy next week for bits and bobs and need to buy some 3lb line that we can use for both ledgering and float fishing. Does anyone have any recommendations please? Thanks, Andy
  18. Andy Frances

    Large Spoppers in stock

    Hi all, We now have a supply of large Spoppers in the BFW shop thanks to Richard Isaacs. https://barbel.co.uk/product/large-spopper/ Plenty of stock of the medium size at the moment too. Andy
  19. Andy Frances

    Spoppers are back in stock...

    Fresh stock of @Eddie Bray Spoppers now online... https://barbel.co.uk/product-category/spoppers-baitdroppers/ I also have some larger versions on their way thanks to @Richard Isaacs :)
  20. Andy Frances

    PHP Software Update

    Hi all, Just to let you know that I've upgraded the version of the software the website runs on (PHP). The last time I did this it caused a couple of issues with image upload on the forum. I've just tested it and it seems OK but if you spot any issues whilst using the website please let either...