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    Barbel Behaviour

    On my latest session I noticed a couple of patterns of barbel behaviour that could have implications for some of us to enjoy a more successful season. I was fishing a narrow, 3ft deep, medium paced river. Note barbel in other venues may not exhibit this behaviour. Firstly, the tendency of...
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    Weight Gains

    3lbs in 24 hours! No not a barbel but me! Mind you my record is 6.5lbs weight gain in 24 hours! 12.02 Christmas morning and 12.085 Boxing day morning! I am sure some you can obliterate that!
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    It's Spawning Time

    Frogs spawning in the garden pond today so it must be spring and getting warmer but I imagine barbel will wait for at least another couple of months!
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    Barbel & Crayfish

    Other than using flavoured marbles and ball bearings are there any barbel baits resistant to crayfish or that they do not like? (to dream the impossible dream!!)
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    WANTED:Bob James SU 12ft 2lb

    Hi. I am after a Bob James SU Specimen rod 12ft 2lb TC green blank, detachable butt. Its old but then so am I!
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    Useful Items

    Let me kick start a thread with a useful item that has improved my fishing. It's a pair of folding secateurs. They are fairly light, cheap (£10 or less) and fit in a pocket like scissors but are really useful to remove the stinging nettle or thorny branch that just happens to be in the wrong...
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    Anyone interested in a grey Rapidex. Used some paint loss but runs well. Also TFG classic centrepin never used still in box?