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  1. Simon Archer


    ....Or the lack of it. I have quite a physical job, and during the day have all good intentions of going fishing when I get home. The Trent is only 30 minutes away, but by the time I'm home I'm cream crackered and mostly can't be bothered. I have two dogs that need to be walked as well, and as...
  2. Simon Archer

    Ghost carp in Birmingham city centre.

  3. Simon Archer

    Photos of river scenes

    I've never had a Barbel out of that peg. PB Chub though. Looks coloured ??
  4. Simon Archer

    Light shelter / brolly

    After lending a brolly to a mate for a day session, which he proceeded to trash. He paid for a replacement and I put some money towards one of these. https://www.solartackle.co.uk/products/bivves-shelters/new-undercover-camo-60-inch-brolly Only use it twice, but it would be ok for an...
  5. Simon Archer

    Ghost carp in Birmingham city centre.

    There was a Goldfish on the factory wall section of the Loughborough canal a few years ago. It got caught in matches on there, went about 3lbs.
  6. Simon Archer

    Cage feeders

    Rock hard, ruff tough Barbel anglers discussing the colour of hair rollers. 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Simon Archer

    50+ Bivies

    I do have to smile when I see the 18lber has been caught again. Always the same background in the picture.
  8. Simon Archer

    Fox twin tip floodwater rods....ard 008 2.75 tc.

    ..........I still might be though. Edit: The pair I just missed out on at the beginning of this year went for £335 IIRC. I was winning, but then got outbid with 6 seconds to go.
  9. Simon Archer

    Fox twin tip floodwater rods....ard 008 2.75 tc.

    Six months too late for me, else I'd have been interested.
  10. Simon Archer

    Braid to Amnesia

    Back to back Grinner. Braid to Arma-cord leader.
  11. Simon Archer

    Photos of river scenes

    Here you go Mike. This the one? Doubt you’d catch anything now though, very shallow.
  12. Simon Archer

    Photos of river scenes

    These pictures are from the field directly below Netherseal bridge Mike, but from the Netherseal side of the river, which is all Trees now. The other bank is BAA controlled and there was someone fishing.
  13. Simon Archer

    Photos of river scenes

    A couple more.
  14. Simon Archer

    Photos of river scenes

    More of the Mease. A little further downstream and not so overgrown in places, and a few places where a cast could be made. A few small Chub knocking about as well.
  15. Simon Archer


    I've just bought a Nash Indulgence High Back chair, very comfy, but probably not an ideal chair for roving. I'm on the larger side and it's for my 2-3 day sessions on the river so it's perfect. Highly recommended. Take a look at Nash's eBay site. They often have chairs for sale, mostly ex demo...
  16. Simon Archer

    Love it or hate it......

    Given the chance, I would.
  17. Simon Archer

    Photos of river scenes

    Not Barbel related, but one hell of a Chub river when it was fishable 30 odd years ago. The size of the Chub and how numerous they were belies the size of the river. You could jump over it in places, and the first time I fished it, my 12' rod tangled with the reeds on the other bank. I couldn't...
  18. Simon Archer

    Trent day ticket advice.

    There's Bobs Island right in the centre of Newark as well.
  19. Simon Archer

    Trent day ticket advice.

    A1 pits lock the gate at 8pm, otherwise I'd recommend there. Fiskerton. You get tickets from the Post Office I believe. Notts Piscatorials do day tickets on some of their stretches. Gunthorpe Lock. Don't think any of the above do tickets on the bank though, apart from A1.
  20. Simon Archer

    Rip ian Macmillan

    I had my screening done earlier this year. Poo on a stick and send it off. Mine came back with abnormalities and I had to have the camera. Not pleasant, but not something to bother about. Luckily, I was all clear. I’m 56.