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  1. Jamie Warren

    Snapped tip

    Alright fellas, been in and out the van grabbing an hour here and there recently, and I’ve snapped the tip of my barbel rod, about 1.5 inch away from the top. Can this be fixed? And if it.can, is there anyone on here that can help?
  2. Jamie Warren

    Some proper fishing

    Hers a couple of carp I caught on the centrepin, I baited a little area on a shady gravel pit and fished for an hour each morning before work. Both fish came within ten minutes of casting out, what a fight from the mirror, hair raising stuff but so much fun. Both on paste, 1oz lead.
  3. Jamie Warren

    Drop nets

    Evening all, hope your getting out in the bank, I have a question. I’ve got a tasty looking weir on one of my tickets, but you can’t get near the weir pool because of the high sides. Has anyone ever fished places like this and used a drop net? I’m be used them plenty fishing from piers in the uk...
  4. Jamie Warren

    Hampshire Avon recommendations

    So this is the story lads, my good wife has given me the choice of what I want to do for my 40th, I love the Hampshire Avon, and would love to get back down there for a bash for a long weekend. trouble is, I need to factor the wife into things. Anyone done similar in these parts of the world?
  5. Jamie Warren

    Good luck to everyone

    Good luck to everyone gracing the banks at midnight tonight, tight lines , and be careful out there 👍
  6. Jamie Warren

    Centre pin advice

    Alright fellas, my good wife wants ( I say wants, I really mean I’m going on at her to do it) to buy me a centerpin reel for my 40th this year. I e been looking at jw young purist, any recommendations welcome, an all rounder but I mostly ledger fish. I know nothing about centerpin reels, I’ve...
  7. Jamie Warren

    Korum speed fit tripod adapter

    Hey guys, anyone seen this piece of kit coming out this week?
  8. Jamie Warren

    Thorney weir

    Evening all, any one fished Thorney weir in the colne? I’ve heard a few good things about this venue.
  9. Jamie Warren

    English river disgrace

    Having read both my usual angling rags this week, both have a page reporting about the water quality test failure. I know this has been discussed heavily on here, and petitions have been singled, but what now? What can us as anglers, and lovers of the environments we ply our trade In, can we do...
  10. Jamie Warren

    Sea fishing goals

    I caught this ray from shanklin I.o.w, I didn’t really realise how much of a specimen this actually was at the time. I bagged it from the car park in the corner on half a pouting. I never weighed it, but I reckon it was over 20 lb. what a fish. I’ve showed it to a few seasoned sea anglers and...
  11. Jamie Warren

    Original Delkim conversions

    Posting for a friend, 3 original optonic delkim conversions, green led, fully serviced and in mint condition 350 Ono
  12. Jamie Warren

    Chris brown products

    Hey wise ones, I’ve just ordered myself a chris brown landing net, bank sticks and buzz bars, does anyone use this stuff? My friend recommended it to me and it looks spot on.
  13. Jamie Warren

    Anglers mail article

    Anyone read Pete readings article on day fishing for barbel? Interesting........
  14. Jamie Warren

    Billing aquadrome

    Do not go here, I fished the nene upstream of the lock, had a 6lb 3 oz bream and that was it. Had a wander about and clocked the mill stream at billing mill pub (shut down), it looked tasty, fished it, not even a shiver on the rod tip. I moved back up to what I can only describe as the most...
  15. Jamie Warren

    River ivel

    Good evening, me again on my quest for knowledge. Has anyone ever fished the stretch of the ivel that runs through the manor farm complex near Biggleswade? I took the wife carping a couple of years ago down there, ( she likes the comfort), and I got talking to the Baliff. When I asked about the...
  16. Jamie Warren

    Warm weather coming in

    Was thinking about going fishing this weekend, just looked at the weather, I think I will swerve it.
  17. Jamie Warren

    Self taking photos

    What do people use for self taking photos? Most of the time I use my iPhone, but the pictures are normally rubbish, more like keeping a record, but what about a proper shot? Any advice welcome 👍
  18. Jamie Warren

    Gt Ouse gold

    New pb for me, there still in there 😎
  19. Jamie Warren

    French barbel fishing

    Hi guys, anyone have any experience or interest in barbel fishing in france? I’m relocating over there
  20. Jamie Warren

    Bulk meat

    Hi guys, you probably already know this, bulk tins of meat in bookers