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  1. Darryl Davis

    New Yorkshire Derwent Record

    Congratulations to Steve Hill on the new Yorkshire Derwent river record at 13lb 2oz. Many struggle to catch on there, never mind doubles and the ousting of the long standing river record.
  2. Darryl Davis

    How Not to Do it!

  3. Darryl Davis

    Greys Prodigy TX 11ft Specimen 1.0lb

    I have been after a second TFG X1 River and Stream (11' 1lb 2oz TC) and failing, so I have looked again at 11' 1lb TC rods (nominally for Perch) and these seem to fit the bill. Any one used them or got some alternative to recommend?
  4. Darryl Davis

    Avid Carp Transit Super Low Chair

    Anyone used or seen this? BanksideTackle - professional fishing tackle shop How light is it? I realise its low (too low for some) and not adjustable for height but it may be just what I need for those far (1 mile+) swims.
  5. Darryl Davis

    EA Consultation on ‘Dealing with spillages on highways’

    EA Consultation on how they deal with Road Spills. from https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/portal/ho/green/ppg22
  6. Darryl Davis

    Identify this!

    Lateral line count was 43 - could be Rudd Golden yellow Eye - could be Rudd Golden upper surface, lightening towards lower - which is consistent with Rudd in murky water. Dorsal - Pelic fin alignment points to Rudd Anal Fin points to Rudd Complete absence of spawning marks suggests not...
  7. Darryl Davis

    Water Levels

    I know all worrying low but you can now use the EAs website to find out what's happening. see: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/riverlevels/default.aspx for online levels from all the EA monitoring stations.
  8. Darryl Davis

    Mullet (East Coast)

    Tried for these when visiting Christchurch Harbour and Aberystwyth but wondeerd if anyone has tried further north along the East Coast? Think I have seen them in the Humber but float fishing bread at 100m is not quite on! Any pointers?
  9. Darryl Davis

    Flat Fish

    And tidal-stretches dont count! Here is one from two weirs above the tidal stretch of the Wharfe (on trundled lobworm) - A flounder of about 2lb.