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  1. Jamie Armitage

    Fox Duo Lite Specialist Multi Tip 2.25lb Barbel Rods

    I've got a pair of rods Fox Duo Lite Specialist Multi Tip 12ft 2.25lb ARD0. I paid £145. each for them. Used twice and there in perfect condition. un marked!! £90 each please pm me. cheers Jamie 53
  2. Jamie Armitage

    Fox Duo Horizon 3 Rod Pod

    Fox Duo Horizon 3 Rod Pod But with the Extra long Legs Used Once so like NEW! Altogether it cost with the extra River legs £170. I want £100 including postage
  3. Jamie Armitage

    2 x Korum XPERT 2.2lb Rods for sale

    I've got two Korum Xpert 12ft 2.2lb Rods for sale There like new used twice. They can cast 6oz out but also still soft tip! Ideal for summer trent or Tidal trent /Severn. Or flood on smaller rivers. Not marks.... scratches... Like never used !! £190 including postage or less for...
  4. Jamie Armitage

    Best isotopes anybody?

    I've been buying cheap isotopes/glow sticks off ebay. ... But there not to good! Anybody recommend some? Cheers Jamie
  5. Jamie Armitage

    FOX High Rod Pod and Cyprinus Day Shelter Brolly

    Fox Horizon Duo 3 Rod Pod CRP027 with extra Xl Pod Legs Used Once!! The pod cost me £120. then after getting it i realised I needed the xl legs another £35. To turn it into a tri-pod!! If you fish big rivers this is what you want! Comes with it's own case. It's like New I want £110...
  6. Jamie Armitage

    Unhooking Mat Help?

    Anybody recommend a good unhooking mat That doesn't turn into a big sponge!!! And packs down small ? cheers Jamie
  7. Jamie Armitage

    2 x Duo-Lite Floodwater 12ft 2.75lb Rods

    2 x Duo-Lite Floodwater Barbel Rods 12ft 2.75lb Both are used but like new Both come with 2 tips the avon 2.75lb which is not as crazy as it sound!! yes it can cast out 8oz but also it will give bite indication on very small bream and chub!! I've used them on the tidal and middle Trent but...
  8. Jamie Armitage

    Mondraker RR 2014 large for sale

    Anybody want to buy my Mondraker Dune RR large 2014 Haven't changed anything on it apart from tyres Used it 4 times off road... It's all about the road at the moment Retail was £3600. will take £2500 can give full warranty with it . cheers Jamie
  9. Jamie Armitage

    Line Twist... How to stop it??

    I'm filling two reels up with a bulk spool of good quality line but come the second reel I can't stop line twist! Anybody got any tips for next time cheers Jamie
  10. Jamie Armitage

    Bait? This season.....

    I've gone to buy my normal bait this season and everything is changed!! When did meat meal get banned ? And elips pellets have all changed!!!! Hinders have changed the size and sonubaits have stopped making them BUT WHY!!! cheers jamie
  11. Jamie Armitage

    Pair of 15ft FOX floodwater barbel rods for sale !!!!

    I've got a pair of Fox 15ft duo-lite extreme floodwater 2.75lb Ones been used a bit the other still has it's wrapper on the handle. Both come with everything 4 rod sections and 4 tips and bags. One sold on ebay last weekend for£190 One rod!! I want £250. for them . cheers jamie
  12. Jamie Armitage

    Pair Drennan Martin Bowler 2.25lb for sale

    I've got a pair of DRENNAN Martin Bowler in 2.25lb both rods are fitted with a single Drennan Isotope. Complete with padded an embroidered rod sleeve and Velcro fasteners for easy transportation. USED 3 TIMES LIKE NEW !!! I want £250. including postage Please pm Cheers Jamie
  13. Jamie Armitage

    Korum Brolly 50" for sale

    Korum Brolly 50" for sale Used 4 times don't really need it Like new all pegs with it £40. Including postage
  14. Jamie Armitage

    Bite Alarms and digital thermometer for sale

    I'm having a clear out anybody want? 2 x FOX WARRIOR bite alarms Both fully work one needs tape to hold the battery cover on. 1 x ETI Digital thermometer with long lead Hardly used fully working I want £30 for all 3 items including postage. Please pm me Cheers Jamie
  15. Jamie Armitage

    Trafford Angling tripod bought and used twice

    Anybody wanting hardly used tripod? Trafford Angling tripod 2rod (latest one they made) spare butt cups and both rest bars It's been used twice Can't buy them any more ;[ With postage £35. please pm me cheers jamie
  16. Jamie Armitage

    Steve Stayner books for sale

    I've got 3 Steve Stayner books for sale The Ultimate Big Barbel Experience Barbel The Immortal Challenge Barbel A Thirst For Knowledge There all like new read once I want £35. including postage Pm me any offers Cheers Jamie
  17. Jamie Armitage

    CYPRINUS bivvy and overwrap used once for sale

    Cyprinus bivvy and overwrap for sale Used this bivvy once didn't even rain! never had the overwrap out of its package. They are on ebay for £180. I want £150. including postage and will put in a Nash outlaw deluxe3 bed in with the deal the overwrap should sell for £99. ...
  18. Jamie Armitage

    2 x Fox 12ft twin tip rods for sale

    Bought at the start of last season (june 13) two rods for mid/ tridal trent season but didn't use them to many times so going to sell them. 2 x Fox Twin tip rods 1.57lb and 2.25lb with bags. The rods are like new. I'm looking for £160 including postage sent in fox rod tubes. Or collection...
  19. Jamie Armitage

    CYPRINUS 2MAN BIVVY and OVERWRAP with free bed!

    I bought this two man bivvy Cyrinus v3 then bought the overwrap to go with it .... Only used the bivvy once in summer didn't even rain... Comes with it's own carry bag and all pegs and floor. Bivvy and over wrap should retail about £300. I've got a Nash outlaw deluxe3 bed which I bought...
  20. Jamie Armitage

    Shimano mini baitrunner d 4000 for sale

    I've got a pair of shimano baitrunners 4000d for sale I've used them once not a mark or scratch on either of them. Will supply with cases to keep them safe;] Used once had my doubts about the size but after 9.3lb feisty Goyt fish they handled well with no issues!! Spot on clutch !!. I...