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  1. Darryl Davis

    Trigga Shelf Life 10mm discontinued ?

    Possibly a combination of the Nutrabaits Company sale and RollinBaits (who do their baits) moving premises (and currently not producing). Nutrabaits say "email sales@nutrabaits.net or call us on 01709 370990"
  2. Darryl Davis

    Warks Big Cat

    At 4 feet? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/10/lynx-like-cat-filmed-prowling-warwickshire-field/?playlist=structure%3Anews%2Fuk-news
  3. Darryl Davis

    River Trent Pollution Incident

    Bad news - just as the last one was fading from memory...
  4. Darryl Davis

    Is it me? Is it real?

    Well I must admit I have not seen "Tiddles" on the Yorkshire Derwent for at least four years now. She used to follow the Deer herds up and down the Howardian Hills. There is a story that goes around (and repeated on BBC4) of two old dears, in Malton quite near the river, calling out the police...
  5. Darryl Davis

    Is it me? Is it real?

    On the Derwent, you know something is up when all the sheep are no longer in the fields and the farmers are around at dusk and into the night shining their lamping lights across fields from the road as if looking for something.
  6. Darryl Davis

    Peaty Blankers

    David, to be a bit pedantic I think you'll find that as a Chalk Stream (and tidal in its lower reaches) the Hull has a more consistent and higher flow than the Swale in all but raging torrent conditions
  7. Darryl Davis

    Giant Hogweed recognition

    Also watch out for it when it flowers the pollen can cause you serious grief The Wild Garden: Hansen's Northwest Native Plant Database
  8. Darryl Davis

    John Baker

    Nutrabaits "rationalised" their products earlier this year (eg no more GForce). I would think Trigga will continue to be sold. Bill is developing new products as part of his new role.
  9. Darryl Davis

    Barbel populations and severe flooding

    Nice little article in the Guardian (with a link to a fuller one) Drowning in money: the untold story of the crazy public spending that makes flooding inevitable | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian Seems there is a growing band of experts deploring the wasteful EU/Government strategies -...
  10. Darryl Davis

    Light quiver rod slim built?

    These Darent Valley Specialist Rods seem to be getting good reviews (3 options) eg Tackle Box Darent Valley 11ft 1.25lb Avon/Quiver Rod or Tackle Box Darent Valley 11ft (0.75lb) Specialist Rod
  11. Darryl Davis

    94lb cat from Severn?

    Yep and I can vouch for them being in the Yorkshire Ouse too - one in particular I spotted was VERY large
  12. Darryl Davis

    94lb cat from Severn?

    A photo was on the BS Facebook site this evening
  13. Darryl Davis

    Boilie making

    Have a look at CCMoore: CC Moore: Crushed Hemp Seed - Carp fishing baits and boilies They recommend the maximum inclusion level of Crushed Hemp in boilie mixes to be 100g/kg
  14. Darryl Davis

    Hemp prices!!!!

    Haiths are similar prices: Whole Hemp Seed | Although deals are out there: 20kg bulk deals - Spodicles - HEMP SEED & PARTICLE BAIT FISHING suppliers of hemp, chilli hemp, maples , maize, pelletsand boilies BUT you can get Chinese Hempseed much cheaper: CHINESE HEMPSEED 20KGS NOT FOR SOWING GJW...
  15. Darryl Davis

    The breakaway lead thread debate.

    Given all the input from sea anglers who have used them far longer and more frequently than me (I am a very rare sea angler), there is a difference overlooked. And that is what happens at the landing stage - on the beach I can pull the fish to me while wading in the edge On a river for Barbel...
  16. Darryl Davis

    goodbye leslies of Luton.

    Similarly - no one locally stocks John Baker products. Always delivered in good time. And the discounted BFW (Big Fish World) gear has stood the test of time.
  17. Darryl Davis

    Ashfield Angling Club

    If the emails I receive and the postings on other forums are true, it is heading upstream at the sewerage outlet at Stoke Bardolph! After a good many years, and now the ostracizing of many former committee members who found many of the waters for the club, i might be relinquishing my membership
  18. Darryl Davis

    Barbel Diet Analysis

    You need a licence to do it - so you are informed of the difference between native and Signals. It is illegal to catch, squash and return to river due to the eggs from the female - on a bad day on a specific river not so long ago I had 15 of them being squished by the cows behind me!
  19. Darryl Davis

    The source paste

    Source is all but the same as Nash Monster Pursuit Fish Mix (on which it is based) - google that and recipes for an alternative to the Source base mix and liqiud
  20. Darryl Davis

    New Yorkshire Derwent Record

    TBH, knowing the swim would make little difference. The Derwent fish are notoriously nomadic. Anyone knowing the history of known or proivately kept recaptures on the river knows this.