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  1. Richard Parsons

    JRC Stealth Chair

    Deleted. Would admin please remove? Thanks
  2. Richard Parsons

    Favourite River Report

    As the river reports are brand new (at this time of year) I generally view them all; just to see what's going on. As the season goes by and the pages on each report mount up it gets difficult to keep up unless one is a very regular visitor. So....my question is this: What is you favourite...
  3. Richard Parsons

    Daiwa Specialist High Performance Trousers

    A pair of the above-mentioned for sale - size XL - not worn - £35 posted Angling Direct
  4. Richard Parsons

    Boilies poll

    Following on from the "milk" thread I thought it might be interesting to learn the percentage of boilie users who use shelf-life, fresh/frozen or homemade baits. I've made the poll single choice, based on the assumption that each angler would normally stick to one type (sorry if this isn't...
  5. Richard Parsons

    WWF - UK Rivers Map

    Interesting to see the state of our rivers......! https://www.wwf.org.uk/uk-rivers-map
  6. Richard Parsons

    Powerpro Super Slik

    Does anyone know of a supplier of the above? My usual seller seems to have become invisible online.
  7. Richard Parsons

    Threat to rivers

    What we already know, however it's good to see it recognised in the mainstream media. The question is; will it make any difference? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/jun/24/quarter-england-rivers-risk-running-dry-finds-wwf
  8. Richard Parsons

    Home Page Pic

    Congratulations. Dave. What a stupendous Thames fish. :)
  9. Richard Parsons

    Just a couple of days left

    So, are most of us intrepid barbel anglers going to take advantage of the slightly milder conditions (here in the North, at least) and attempt to catch one or two more fish before the end of the season? I'll be out fishing the Dove for the final hurrah! :)
  10. Richard Parsons

    Waterproof trousers

    Not strictly barbel-related but I'm frustrated enough to try anything (almost). What I'm looking for (possibly a rarity of holy grail proportions) is a pair of trousers that are waterproof and breathable. They don't have to be green, must not be bib/brace or skiing, or over-trousers. Oh...
  11. Richard Parsons

    Centrepin Swap

    I'm looking to swap a lightly-used Fred Crouch Jet (wide drum) for a JW Young Rolling Pin (either finish). I bought two Jets (from the man himself) but only ever need one at a time. Any offers? Thanks, Richard
  12. Richard Parsons

    River Records

    I had short, but interesting, exchange on 'another' forum with Steve Pope about river records and the validity thereof. The upshot being that when I posed the question "Are the BFW and Barbel Society records kept in tandem and, if not, are they still identical?", I received the answer "The BS...
  13. Richard Parsons

    Home Page Pic

    That's a very nice looking Thames barbel, young man. Very well done! :)
  14. Richard Parsons

    Gardner Trickster

    Hi chaps, Just wondering if anyone uses the above-mentioned hooklink material, and if so, what you thought of it. My own experience is a couple of lost fish and, as a consequence, lost faith. I use braid as a mainline and hooklink, so that may have some bearing, however I don't have the...
  15. Richard Parsons

    Rig Wallet

    Hi - just wondering if anyone could recommend a wallet for storing hooklengths? I'm not too worried about price, however size is the issue; the smaller the better. Thanks in advance.
  16. Richard Parsons

    Shark in Suffolk Stour

    Anyone else seen this? Absolutely incredible (to me, at least, who knows nothing about sharks in fresh water)......:) Shark spotted swimming up river in Essex countryside- video | World news | theguardian.com
  17. Richard Parsons


    Hi All - thinking of spending a bit of my soon-to-be-banked redundancy money on one of these. However, before I do, I'd like to gauge if they're worth the money.....so does anyone on here own one, or has anyone used one? If so, which (of the three avons) do you prefer, and why? Thanks in...
  18. Richard Parsons

    Wet Summers

    Oh dear - just read this Guardian story about a possible 5-10 years of wet summers. :( Britain's spell of awful summers is set to continue | UK news | The Guardian
  19. Richard Parsons

    Home Page Pic

    Rather nice Rother barbel there, Colin. Very well done!
  20. Richard Parsons

    Home Page Pic

    Lovely fish, Bob. Well done mate :) Admin: I think you've attributed the wrong weight to the home page pic (the larger pb fish is the other photo in the gallery). Both fish absolutely superb, however.....