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  1. Paul Thomas

    Book Shelf Clear Out

    Good evening all, After selling one of my many fishing books earlier today I was surprised at just how many books I have on the shelf that haven't been read for many a good year or so...with that in mind the following paperbacks are all up for sale: 1. Barbel Fishing - A Logical Approach -...
  2. Paul Thomas

    Unhooking Issues

    Morning All, Just recently I've had a few fish that have taken the bait well back into their throats and have caused a little "fuss" in the un-hooking process....I hasten to add before the Barbel Police start their sirens that no fish have been harmed in the making of this...
  3. Paul Thomas

    Kelly kettle

    Good afternoon, After an accident during which my kelly kettle melted and became more of an ingot than a kettle....I'm on the lookout for a replacement:rolleyes: With that in mind....does anyone on here have one they want to move on at all?? Paul
  4. Paul Thomas

    Crayfish near Tewkesbury

    Calm down, calm down all you Severners in the Tewkesbury area....it's good news:cool: http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/gloucestershire/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_9232000/9232732.stm Paul
  5. Paul Thomas

    More questions than really necessary??

    Good morning all, Can I start by saying that this thread is in no way a "dig" at anybody who posts on BFW....more a refelction on whether the Internet has possibly dulled the pioneering spirit that I so fondly remember from early Carp fishing days. Back in the early 80's there was a lot more...
  6. Paul Thomas


    I'm in need of a butt section for a Drennan Specialist Power Barbel rod if anyone has one they no longer need?? ***SORTED NOW THANKS*** Go steady Paul
  7. Paul Thomas

    During the Thaw??

    Just been thinking that the last time we had a decent cold Winter such as this I had never even seen a Barbel - let alone caught one !!! When the weather finally starts to turn round and we get some South Westerlies again....will the Barbel turn straight onto the feed as soon as the water...
  8. Paul Thomas


    Attention Nick Coulthurst.... ....are you planning to re-incarnate your diary now you're back ?? - funniest thing I can recall on BFW:D:D:D:D For those who do not know what I'm talking about.... ....use the search button on the old Yuku site and have a look;) Cheers