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  1. David Potter

    Reel Reconditions

    Hi Guys Just been told by Shimano service centre that one of my beloved RE 5000's is beyond economic repair not bad for 15 years !!! So I’m going to need some new reels Can anybody recommend something slightly bigger as the 5000 RE did feel a little under gunned at times and ideally would...
  2. David Potter


    Been using this superglue pen for gluing baits on to hairs,works well £2.99 ebay
  3. David Potter

    Blenheim Palace

    Having fished Blenheim Palace for some 30 years for the Tench I have had some amazing catches over the years as everybody did ! But over the past 4-5years it has declined beyond believe in fact on my last visit I failed to even get a bite,also no visible signs of fish whereas the Tench and Bream...
  4. David Potter

    What Bivvy

    Hi all I am thinking (Never thought I’d say this)of dipping my toes into a bit of Carp fishing during the close season which may involve staying on the bank over night in which case I would need a dreaded Bivvy so can I please have some reconditions ? Something not cheap and nasty but not...
  5. David Potter

    ABU Closed Face Reels

    Over the years I have acquired ABU’s 501, 506M & 1044 and I’m wondering what the main difference is between them as they all look pretty similar ? I have recently been using them for stick float trotting and they all seem to have the same problem that occasionally half way down the trot...
  6. David Potter

    Trotting Float Rod Recomendations

    Hi All I was very careless today and ended up smashing my trotting float rod beyond repair ! It was a Drennan Distance Float 13’6†that I’ve have had for a number of years ! I’m now looking for a replacement that I can use for Dace, Roach & Grayling on the stick float and would welcome...
  7. David Potter

    Iseama Owner C5 Hooks

    As they don’t seem to be available any more I’m looking for an alternative to Iseama / Owner C5 / 50188 size 10 hooks (I have plenty of stock of all the other sizes) been using them for years and have complete confidence in them – So can anybody recommend something similar ? Regards David
  8. David Potter

    Fitting a Fuji Reel Seat

    Some years ago I had a Fuji Reel Seat retro fitted to one of my float rods, this involved all the butt section rod rings being removed to slide the reel seat into position and the removal of the old sliding reel rings, although it done the job I wanted I have never been happy with the finish of...
  9. David Potter

    Reel recommendations

    I'm looking for a new reel 3000 size with front drag adjustment only to be used for float fishing for Tench 4-5 lb line must have a smooth clutch Any recommendations ? Dave
  10. David Potter

    What Mixers

    Another question guys, Been to the supermarket today to buy some Chum Mixers for some loose feed for floater fishing but they don’t seem to do the old original type anymore !!!! Is that right ? If so what mixers are suitable and easily available ? Dave
  11. David Potter

    Hooking Chum Mixers

    I'm Going to have a go at floater fishing for Carp during the rest of the close season but wondering what it the best way of hooking / mounting a Chum mixer on the hook and casting at distance ? Your advice would be appreciated Regards Dave
  12. David Potter

    Robert Cray Tickets

    Have two tickets for Robert Cray on Saturday 16th March 2013 at Sheffield City Hall, I booked these months ago but unfortunately now can’t go due to a holiday booking ! This tour is a total sell out worldwide, the tickets are in Row CC 25 & 26 – So dead centre at the front! I Paid a total...
  13. David Potter

    Shimano Reel service

    Hi, Where is the best place to send Shimano reels for service/repair ? Dave
  14. David Potter

    Wanted -Wychwood Maximiser Twin Tip 13ft 2lb/2.5lb Rod

    Hi Guys, Wanted -Wychwood Maximiser Twin Tip 13ft 2lb/2.5lb Rod -in good condition Dave
  15. David Potter

    Metcheck Problems

    Hi, Does anybody else have problems with Metcheck ? I seem to get long spells where it dosnt work and gives me this error code Any advice ? Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0009' Subscript out of range: '80' /INCLUDES/GENERIC/FORECASTS/48hr_generic.asp, line 19 Regards Dave
  16. David Potter

    Recently Locked Thread

    I started a thread about a serious possible problem on the Wye and for some reason SOME of you guys turned it into a slagging competion which has ended up in the thread being locked What the hell is wrong with some of you this site is about Barbel Fishing ! I am not impressed Dave
  17. David Potter

    “Black Bin Liners Full Of Barbelâ€

    Whilst fishing today on the Wye I bumped into group of anglers two of which I have known for a few years ,yesterday they were fishing a WUF water and did not do very well at all in fact they blanked ! They left the fishery late afternoon after talking to a fishing guide that is connected to the...
  18. David Potter

    Trying To Travel Light

    Going fishing tomorrow with someone from this site who shall remain nameless for the time being, but where he is taking me requires a walk with all your gear of about 1500 mtrs, just spent 2 hours trying to cut down my gear as I like to have all the comforts of a sofa and kitchen sink etc. To...
  19. David Potter

    Elips Pellet Mix

    Elips Pellet Mix -A combination of small, medium and large elips pellets Phoned Bristol Bait Supplies today to order some Elips Pellet Mix and was told they are not selling Elips pellets anymore due to the price increase from the supplier! Dont think CC Moore or Hinders sell "ELIPS PELLET MIX"...
  20. David Potter

    Fishing In South Goa

    Hi Guys, I am going to Goa at the begining of February for two weeks at Cavelossim, does anybody know if its worth tacking some tackle with me to lure fish off the beach etc? or any other information ? Regards David