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  1. John Newman

    Angling Trust Petition

  2. John Newman

    Braid hooklinks

    I have used Gardner Speciskin 10lbs for years now and have the utmost confidence in it. They used to do four colours and I use the gravel colour but I have almost run out. The only colour remaining is weed green which I will be using once the other is all gone. The coating strips easily...
  3. John Newman

    The river wye .

    Yes, it is from the canoe launch downstream. I was there in September and it didn't look like it had been fished very much and no one fishing the days we were there. Tickets from The Inn on the Wye which is where we stayed. Am I right in thinking Angling Dreams have the opposite bank? The...
  4. John Newman

    Kingfisher Maison

    Very much so but affected by current travel restrictions. Owned by Ade Kiddell so just make contact with him via Facebook. Looking at his posts he is on a run of barbel in 49 consecutive months including catching five yesterday. It's on my wish list and if you are an F1 fan it is not far from...
  5. John Newman

    The river wye .

    Look at www.anglingdreams.co.uk On a non angling (with the Mrs) trip I took a look at the Worcester AC stretch below Kerne Bridge but it has very steep banks and does not look like it gets fished very much so quite overgrown. Similarly the stretch in the field above Symonds Yat has high...
  6. John Newman

    Photos of river scenes

    River Nene at Elton
  7. John Newman

    Wanting to fish the Wye

    How will you see your float at night? 😁
  8. John Newman

    Free spirit heavy water tamer

    I have the Spirit Barbel in 2.25lb TC. Great value at a similar retail price of £149.99. Some retailers will give you a small discount if you buy two or more rods.
  9. John Newman

    Lockdown returns...

    This is from tonight's update on .gov.uk "Outdoor sports venues, including tennis courts, golf courses and swimming pools, must close." That's all folks!
  10. John Newman

    Landing net assistance required please

    Further to Richard's excellent advice I find it is worthwhile taking a look from time to time and giving the collett a clean every so often, before you arrive at the river bank!
  11. John Newman

    Karen Twine research

    This caught my eye and I scrolled down to the comment where it showed a link to the uploaded document. On clicking the link I immediately noticed the publication date of 2013! Seven years down the line the situation on the Gt Ouse has, I believe, (I don't fish there) changed vastly so I fail...
  12. John Newman

    Can we fish during this next lockfown?

    I think your opinion is incorrect. They did a good job to get us out fishing following the previous lockdown. New leadership seems to have changed them and let's hope that continues. Going by your comment I doubt you are a member so how can you publicly criticise an organisation you have the...
  13. John Newman

    Cadence Barbel Rods

    Anyone had a chance to have a waggle or bought one of these rods yet? The stock level on their website is reducing so people must be buying them unseen. Be interested in any feedback.
  14. John Newman

    Fishing Gloves, please recommend me a pair?

    I buy fingerless gloves from an industrial workwear shop. The wool mix has good thermal properties and keeps my hands warm enough all winter and allow me to rebait etc without having to remove them. But, when I pack my gear up to walk back to the car I take them off and exchange them for a pair...
  15. John Newman

    Muck boots

    My Arctic Sports are on their fourth year now and well worth the money I paid for them. The previous pair of neoprene boots from a major tackle supplier lasted just one season. The grip on the soles would be my only criticism.
  16. John Newman

    Single rod sleeve with place for sticks and net

    The Drennan two rod sleeve is not actually very generous for fitting two rods so Peter should be well pleased with it for one rod.
  17. John Newman

    BFW Rods

    I'm covered at the higher TC range as I have Free Spirit 2.25's but am definitely a prospect for replacing my 1.75 rods, preferring a 12ft rod.
  18. John Newman

    Some advice needed please...

    For my fishing I consider groundbait to just be a carrier for my free samples so I will make a mix that includes pellets, broken boilies, hemp, chopped up bits of meat etc. The groundbait just binds it all together in the feeder. Some groundbaits already have pellets and crushed hemp in as...
  19. John Newman

    BFW Rods

    Will other test curve options be available? I think the pricing is very competitive.
  20. John Newman

    Please help !!!

    You are not really that far from the Lea when you compare it to the other options. Closest to Sandy, Ivel and Gt Ouse have barbel but very hard work although you might enjoy the challenge. Next closest. Nene not too far north but limited stretches with barbel, my home water if you need to know...