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  1. Richard Parsons

    Recommend me a line for the tidal Trent.

    Only one version of power-pro is tested, Terry (66lb). And no tests on the super slik. Look at the comparative breaking strain of braid, for diameter, against mono. Quite a bit higher. I agree that the stated bs is far less accurate than that with mono, however.
  2. Richard Parsons

    Mitchell Match 440A

    I think David's already inferred that he'll use a carbon rod if the circumstances demand it. I have a cane barbel rod that was custom made for me around eight years ago. On rivers other than, perhaps, the Trent, Severn and Thames (each with eight feet of extra water), it's my ideal tool. A...
  3. Richard Parsons

    River Ribble otter

    A red herring, Edward? By that, I mean it could be almost anything, couldn't it (apart from a minnow, obviously)? Is there some context to your picture and question, such as did you feel/see anything, etc, etc?
  4. Richard Parsons

    Korda Krank hooks

    Thanks for the hook recommendation, chaps. Just ordered some wide gape 10s.
  5. Richard Parsons

    Mitchell Match 440A

    Your exchange, Ian and Craig (and everyone else who contributed), portrays perfectly what this site is all about. A frank differing of views delivered in a light-hearted way, with wit and without rancour. I'm still chuckling now.
  6. Richard Parsons

    New ESP Quickdraw Mats

    Ha ha - very witty, Chris (and that's not intended to be a name-pun on the chap who sometimes fronts the covid press conferences). 😂
  7. Richard Parsons

    River Ribble otter

    Derek - with respect, it's not so much about whether, or not, the angler's at fault. More the possibility of it happening, and causing the otter distress. And on a public forum.
  8. Richard Parsons

    New ESP Quickdraw Mats

    I guess (over) elaboration of existing products is something the tackle companies see as evolution, whereas I just see it as extra unnecessary weight. A flat mat is adequate and I have, somehow, functioned like this for many years. God knows how.
  9. Richard Parsons

    Deeper pro +

    This sounds like something one might purchase from that well known toy retailer, Anne Summers (not that I've been in there lately). 😂 Edit - apologies in advance for the Monday smut.
  10. Richard Parsons

    Somewhere down the Crazy River, Jeremy Wade Paul Boote

    Yes, definitely added a bit of colour, with his intelligent, often-witty, and thought provoking comments. I, for one, am glad we're all not the same! :)
  11. Richard Parsons

    My Season is over :(

    You kept that to yourself, Simon 😁
  12. Richard Parsons

    The state of our rivers

    Yes, it's a really grim situation, Julian. Groups do get set up, which suggests people do care, however unless one has friends in high places not much happens. The current political maxim seems to be "rather than ask what I can do for you. What can you do for me?".
  13. Richard Parsons

    New River Lea river record

    Yes, a veritable cracker. Well done Mr Biggs.
  14. Richard Parsons

    Carbotec fly rod

    Watch out for rod touts, Paul 😁
  15. Richard Parsons

    Rod sleeve.

    And doubles as a onesie when it gets cold? 😁 Looks like a great bit of kit though.
  16. Richard Parsons

    Photos of river scenes

    The stunning Derbys. Derwent. It looks so fishy! I blanked, sadly, that day.
  17. Richard Parsons

    Photos of river scenes

    A foggy late-autumn upper Trent
  18. Richard Parsons

    Photos of river scenes

    The Dove - in December - bank high
  19. Richard Parsons

    Korum fast mat

    All this talk of swims, gear, overnighters......is really giving me the itch to get back on the bank. It's driving me mad, frankly. I may have to take a break from BFW for a few weeks. 😁
  20. Richard Parsons

    Korum fast mat

    Yeah, agreed Rich. That's the thing with pegging it down - it's not for daytime roving at all. I still use the standard brolley if that's the plan. Usually, however, my sessions are overnighters, so perfect for the job.