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  1. Mark Nicholls

    Wanted - Catch Cult 14

    If anyone has a copy of Issue 14 that they're prepared to part with please let me know. Thought I had all of them but just realised I'm missing that one 😞
  2. Mark Nicholls

    Fluorocarbon mainline

    I use braid for most of my barbel fishing (ledgering), but not on rivers like the Wye, where abrasion resistance is important. I've been using mono mainline and need to re-stock and have been considering fluorocarbon (x-line etc.) Any thoughts?
  3. Mark Nicholls

    For sale - Ray Walton Rolling Pin

    Only used twice (honest!). Immaculate condition - not a mark or scratch on it. Box has slight water damage (as shown). Not really sure what it's worth - say £170 ono including p&p Sorry about pics - I'm rubbish at this sort of thing.
  4. Mark Nicholls

    Historic gallery

    Just been having a bit of a laugh looking at the 'historic gallery' - forgot it was there- https://barbel.co.uk/galfr.htm - scroll down on left to 'historic gallery' Thought it might be fun to resurrect it - any old embarrasing photos chaps ?
  5. Mark Nicholls

    Are you keen on rubber ?

    I recently bought a small Daiwa rubber landing net which I've been using for float/feeder fishing for dace/roach/chub etc. Have to say that I've been very impressed and am considering buying a larger net for barbel. Maybe something like this -...
  6. Mark Nicholls

    Wreck fishing rig advice

    Myself and a few mates have a day out from Newhaven four or five times a year. I've always hired or borrowed tackle, but have just invested in a Shakespeare Ugly Stick 18-25lb (maybe a bit light) and a Penn 321GT2 reel. It's normally fairly basic wreck / smooth ground fishing and the rigs...