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  1. John Newman

    Cadence Barbel Rods

    Anyone had a chance to have a waggle or bought one of these rods yet? The stock level on their website is reducing so people must be buying them unseen. Be interested in any feedback.
  2. John Newman

    Extra carabiners for your rucksack

    Just seen these on the LIDL website. Could be useful for attaching extra items to your rucksack. https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/diy/parkside-carabiner-clip-or-shackle-hook-set/p29566
  3. John Newman

    Anyone Tried this "Action Camera"

    John Norris are advertising and HD Waterproof Sports Action Camera for just £34.99 reduced from £54.99 which seems to cheap to be any good so I wondered if anyone has any experience with this camera. https://www.johnnorris.co.uk/airflo-hd-waterproof-sports-action-camera.html#tabs
  4. John Newman

    Navitas Lite insulated boot

    Any one any experience of the Navitas Insulated Boot. Seem a very reasonable price but do they perform well?
  5. John Newman

    Rods with multiple tips

    What is the view of the panel on rods with multiple tips? I don't find I need a quiver tip where I fish to the extent that a lot of the barbel bites I get merely require me to pick the rod up very quickly before it goes in the river! I can see you advantage of having a twin tip e.g. 1.5lb &...
  6. John Newman

    Kelly/Storm/Ghillie Kettle?

    I am considering buying a "Kelly" type kettle but notice there are other brands and wondered if anyone had any tips on which one to buy. As well as the Kelly brand I have come across Storm and Ghillie brands. I found this one Genuine STORM Kettle, just over 1 pint, POPPIN Kit, new from...
  7. John Newman

    Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam......

    You might need to be of a certain age to remember the Monty Python Spam Sketch but for you Spam lovers out there here is the ultimate Spam experience...
  8. John Newman

    Mounting a camera on a bank stick?

    Anyone know if there is a screw fitting available to mount a camera on to the thread at the top of a standard bankstick? I mostly fish alone and presently take photos with fish in the net or on an unhooking mat but would like to include my mugshot. I fish roving style so don't want to cart...
  9. John Newman

    Shaping Luncheon Meat

    I was talking to the club bailiff on our water today discussing meat baits and in particular he was recommending Polony Meat which as a newcomer I have yet to try. He did, however, stress the importance, in his view, of shaping the piece of meat to a rough ball by breaking/cutting off the...
  10. John Newman

    Tactics in fast coloured water?

    This is my first season of serious barbel fishing and I have enjoyed reasonable success over the summer on a river not noted for it barbel but limited to some faster flowing backwaters and weirpools. Most fish have come to 15mm halibut boilies and I have loose fed 4mm halibut pellets and broken...
  11. John Newman

    Ever Catch Small Barbel?

    Why is it anglers never seem to catch small barbel? The smallest I have ever caught apart from a 9" fish I caught in a still water was around 2lbs. They must eat so why don't we catch them and they don't seem to get caught accicentally by anglers targeting other species.