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  1. Stuart Brookes

    Berkeley Big Game supplier

    Would any one have a link for a site selling Big Game Clear 10lb BS? I ordered some from EBay which clearly showed Big Game but I have been sent Trilene which isn't what I want.
  2. Stuart Brookes

    Anglers killed while fishing Thames

    http://http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/30/detectives-quiz-man-over-dead-fisherman-in-river-thames/?WTmcid=tmgoff_soc_spf_fb&WT.mc_id=sf32150413 Just picked this tragic story while on Facebook, my sympathies go out to the poor mans family.
  3. Stuart Brookes

    Efgeeco bait dropper

    Just picked one of these up at a car boot sale this morning. I can't believe someone is not making them still, looks like a solid and simple design and less likely to jam shut than the Thamesly/Seymo design.
  4. Stuart Brookes

    Big game/ Big Game Trilene?

    I ordered some Berkeley Big Game Clear off Ebay and Big Game Clear Trilene arrived, is there any difference or just a name change? The product code on the front looks the same and the label is the same as my old spool of Big Game apart from Trilene has been added.
  5. Stuart Brookes

    The danger of krill additive.

    I decided to flush some old maggots/casters down the loo and clean the box out in my downstairs loo next to the garage. They smelt a bit as I'd generously coated them in krill powder. The wife came home from work went in the loo and went off it:D:D:D:D >>>>> Doghouse for me. She came back 5...
  6. Stuart Brookes

    Wanted: Drennan specialist rod

    I was wondering if any of you good folks have a Drennan Super Specialist Duo 1.25lb tc rod surplus to requirements? If so could you please PM with a price as I've been looking for one for a while but appreciate they are a sort after rod. Cheers, Stu
  7. Stuart Brookes

    Hydropower application for the Swale at Topcliffe.

    Environment Agency - UK Hydro Ltd Just been made aware of an application by UK Hydro Ltd for the weir at Topcliffe on the Swale. This weir sits upstream of some of the spawning grounds for barbel on the Swale which can be kissed goodbye if this gets the go ahead.
  8. Stuart Brookes

    Adding garlic flavour

    Rummaging through my tackle collection I came across a 1kg bag of monster crab base mix and since I'm off this week and my good lady is out with her muckers on Thursday I was going to delve into the dark art of bait making. I want to add some garlic to the mix but not quite sure how to do it. I...
  9. Stuart Brookes

    New club at Topcliffe

    As all Barbel Society members are aware the Asenby stretch at Topcliffe now has a new owner. He has set up a new club/syndicate called Topcliffe Anglers and is now accepting members. The cost is £70 per annum and Chirs is hoping to add more stretches to the existing one within that cost. THe...
  10. Stuart Brookes

    Flanesford Priory

    I've just received an email form Flanesford Priory stating that fishing in the future will only be available on a Saturday and Wednesday tiil midnight as the WUF have taken over the rights for the remaining period. If you have already booked they will honour the free fishing but future bookings...
  11. Stuart Brookes

    Winter clothing at Aldi

    ALDI - Thursday Special Buys 1st December 2011 Spotted this in the paper today. Thought the thermal base layer was a bargain and I'll be dropping in to pick a set up in the morning.
  12. Stuart Brookes

    New pin problem

    Just took delivery of a trudex reel and was going to give it a clean and lube. Am I right in thinking I need to unscrew the small screw in the centre of the front of the reel as I cannot get it to move and it looks fairly ragged on the edges to start with.If I do manage to get it out is it easy...
  13. Stuart Brookes

    Muckboots Tay or Taysports

    I've decided to treat myself to a piar of muckboots with the cold weather rapidly approaching. I can't decide between the Tay or the Taysports, I know the Taysports are the warmer welleis of the two but just wondered if theyt were too warm. Spoke to a few guys I know locally who own the Tays but...
  14. Stuart Brookes

    Grayling rod

    I won a day grayling fishing on the Nidd with Chris Lythe earlier in the year which I'm due to have soon. Float rod wise I own a 13' Shimano Technium Specialist float rod and a DAM 13' silver match rod and was wondering if the Shimano was overgunned and the DAM undergunned for my first real...
  15. Stuart Brookes

    Rat deterrents

    I was out fishing last week and as the nights are rapidly drawing in was sat in darkness by 9pm. A usual the rats get a whiff of bait and are attracted to it ending up with me spending more time looking out for them than watching my rod, not really a problem as I couldn't buy a bite. My...
  16. Stuart Brookes

    Giant hogweed

    I was out this evening just checking out some new swims and cut down some hogweed, carefully I might add. The question is even though I cut it down to root level will it return or not? Saw some more on the far bank which I can also fish but it was out of control and don't think it gets fished...
  17. Stuart Brookes

    The Legend Returns

    Just got into the house to find the usual junk mail on the mat. For some reason decided to browse through it and this gem was spotted. http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/ccefeb7c#/ccefeb7c/4 Garlic Spam in stock from Monday. Still have a reasonable stock but grab it while you can lads.
  18. Stuart Brookes

    Hooklength in clear conditions

    I'm going out tomorrow and due to the clear and low levels I've been giving my hooklength some thought. I've spooled the mainline with 8Lb sensor but wasn't sure whether to use fluoro or sensor for the hooklength. I normally use a couple of inches of braid but i'm worried about spooking the fish...
  19. Stuart Brookes

    Fox Stratos FS4000E

    Just bought myself one of these reels for the new season. I was looking at the Shimano DL 4000 FA but decided on the Fox instead. Comes with two spare spools and a double handle. Also got a cracking deal from my local tackle shop and got it for less than the Shimano. I've spooled one spool with...
  20. Stuart Brookes

    berkley f1 barbel tri tip

    I was looking for a second rod to try and cover as many possible situations as possible, yes I know, ever the optimist. Anyway came across this rod and wondered if anyone has owned or used one and how they rate it. I mainly fish the Tees and Swale so have a Greys Prodigy 1.75lb tc that handles...