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    So....How far is ‘local’ then?

    My understanding is that there will be some sort of announcement in the w/c 22 Feb - not on the 22nd itself
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    Landing net assistance required please

    Thanks Ed, that's really appreciated. Keep well mate and hopefully we can laugh about all that's going on in the world when we next meet up.... Best wishes, Steve
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    Landing net assistance required please

    Hey Brian, How are you doing? Still chasing snappers? I got back into that for a short while a few winters back on some of the big pits around Reading; soon retreated back to the rivers though as I couldn't believe the number of pike anglers around - I couldn't get anything going by...
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    Landing net assistance required please

    Hi Ed, How are you doing? You don't still have the same neighbour do you? See you soon I hope, Steve
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    Landing net assistance required please

    Thanks Steven - it looks like I am going to have to visit my local tackle shop, as and when I'm allowed......
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    Dead baiting.

    Great thread, loads of terrific advice. A detachable trace is definitely a help as it allows you to rest the fish while you get everything sorted. I like to use a large single (I use Catfish hooks) as the holding hook - this is usually firmly embedded into the deadbaits skull. The bottom hook...
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    Landing net assistance required please

    Thanks Richard, I'll give that a go. Best wishes, Steve
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    Landing net assistance required please

    Thanks Richard - sounds like the bin it is. Peter, that was a very early version of a LA landing net - they upgraded it pretty quickly, presumably for this reason..... Does your Drennan specialist have an extending handle? Steve
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    Landing net assistance required please

    Photo of the landing net pole and ruined helicoil attached...
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    Landing net assistance required please

    Thanks Mike and Richard, very much appreciate your answers. I will get some photos up tomorrow. Steve
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    Landing net assistance required please

    Hi guys, I need to pick your brains please. I have been using the same extending landing net handle for 20 years now - one of Trefor West's which, although heavy, appears bomb-proof (I really hope I haven't jinxed it). At some point in the last ten years I bought a spare which is much lighter...
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    Landing net handle

    Thanks Hatter, I'll take a look at this. Steve
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    Shimano 6000 OC reels

    Thanks both, to be honest I don't feel that ready to move on from the 5010s just yet..... Was kinda half expecting to be called out as a dinosaur for still using them - and i do notice how shiny and new my mates reels look in comparison with mine! 🙄
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    Shimano 6000 OC reels

    Apologies in advance as this has probably been asked before, what is the difference between the D and the OC models? I still use Aero GT Baitrunner 5010s but I have had them for so long that they must be due an upgrade. The first step in that process will be to work out what the latest models...
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    hair length/position

    Andy, for me it varies. If I am getting chub bites I lengthen the hair - that hasn't been a problem for me this season so the hair has got shorter and shorter.
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    Confectionary flavour

    Go for it - I can't imagine a barbel thinking "ooh, if only it was summer I'd love that"!
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    Mitchell 300 reel old school

    OMG - I used to own the very same rod pod (it was one of the first available from memory), the optonics (with the carp ears too) and use monkey climbers for my carping - that must have been 35 years ago which is making me feel older than I want to feel...
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    Lockdown musings

    Hi Jon, I've got two jack russells (the wife insists they are hers but we all know the truth....) and I have often wondered about using various of their food items. In particular, they had some treats which smelt exactly like Trefor's Sausage Sizzle. Sod it, I am going to give them a go.....
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    Unwritten rule

    I was roving a small Thames tributary in the summer when a guy, with no tackle, climbed down the bank in the swim opposite me. "Are you taking the pi$$?" I enquired in that friendly way we all greet dickheads. Turned out he had been fishing the swim but gone to get something from his car - I...
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    Black pudding for bait..

    I remember once using blood as a groundbait additive for tench many moons ago. As I recall it didn't put the tench off but it certainly wasn't good enough to make me want to do it twice.....